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grip technique

grip technique

I was not getting good gains and my penis was getting fatigued quickly into a routine and would not show the good signs of growth. I have since been working on loosening my grip with really good results. Is there a way of us describing the amount of grip used in a Jelq that would help us all communicate technique to eachother? We have some pretty good info on the stroke , routines and other aspects, I think that a good description of the amount of pressure on the jelg would help alot of newbies along. Perhaps the description should be like…the OK grip should create a circle between finger and thumb that is 3/4 the diameter of the penis girth? What do you all think?

The amount of grip strength required for one is not the same as for another individual. Your grip should be tight enough that you see veins expaning and becoming more prominent and your upper shaft increase in size. 3/4 of you penis girth is good to start at I think.

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When I dry jelq I always feel the intensity and expansion towards growth. I see it and feel it so much more than doing wet jelqs.


What I am thinking is that there could be a form of measurement or comparison from the penis to the grip that would help. I am thinking that what works for newbies does not work for guys who have been at it for awhile. I think there is some sort of turtling hormone that gets produced through over stmulation and stress on the penis and that it is at the point where that hormone is more easily produced that the newbie gains stop.

I also think that the constant PEing does effect your hormones and production of such, as I have discover during a prolonged break that my Testosterone levels went down right after I started the break and then steadily rose again in the weeks after.

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