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Grip for applying pressure to the sides

Grip for applying pressure to the sides

This post actually stems off one of my others last night on thickness of the dick, in terms of top to bottom depth and whether it matters of being “round” versus “oval”.

Well, several people spoke of applying pressure to the sides during jelqing versus the top and bottom. I am curious and may start doing this, but I wonder what is your best techniques or hand position to get adequate pressure on the sides.

Obviously, putting pressure on the sides means having more of the internal blood and tissue wanting to force through the top and bottom of the shaft.

Any thoughts on this?


I seem to get a better pump when I jelq on the sides, if that gives any help?

I figure if I jelq on the sides, and do Uli’s on the top and bottom, I can cover more ground.

I use a reverse overhand grip; palm down, thumb and fore finger towards body, pointing down. I use the same grip for jelqing and stretching, always applying pressure to laterally (to the sides). Works great for me.

I stuggle to grip the sides as I have (what you might call in your other thread) a wider flatter cross section. Trying to grip any way other than top to bottom just causes it to ‘flip’ a 90 degree rotation. I’d be interested to learn if anybody has any ideas on how to do this.

Hmmm, I think with my grip, it’s considered palm up, but with my right hand, it’s more like my hand is facing left but up, so the webby part of my thumb and pointer finger is more or less on top then anything. I have a big vein on my right hand side of my dick, so sometimes I have to coordinate my jelqing with that.

Got any pics or anything of how you do it on the side?

When I start an overhand jelq with the palm facing down and the ‘O’ at the base, the pressure is too much so as I’m pulling forward, I adjust my thumb and forefinger into a sort of ‘clothespin’ shape and adjust my penis if it starts turning sideways.

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