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Great Stretch Aid

Great Stretch Aid

I would recommend that everybody download the Thunder’s Place Video Series. There are some excellent stretching videos in there - specifically the tunica fulcrum stuff demonstrated by Ocifar.

I picked up a bamboo stick about 3’ long - very smooth, but uncommonly strong. And I’ve been doing the stretches (both over & under) as demonstrated in the videos. I’ve been holding them for longer than I usually do, and with slightly less force. After my 1st workout, I was stunned to actually have some soreness in my shit. Loved it.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to follow this up - but I’m definitely going to stick with these. To hell with those insane 30-60 second pulls; I get a greater workout from doing 10-12 3-minute pulls with good force, and my unit draped over or pulled under the bamboo.

Thanks, Thunder.

P.S., You’ll also have the opportunity to see a legit 9+ pussy pounder when Piet demonstrates the ulis.

Great to here you are finally feeling some soreness!!
I can’t recommend fulcrum stretching/hanging highly enough. I have had excellent results using this technique.

To all those looking to try it out, please be careful and use reduced pulling force (as mentioned by Wad). If you try to pull/hang with the same force you normally use, you may well injure yourself!!

Originally Posted by wadzilla
….After my 1st workout, I was stunned to actually have some soreness in my shit. Loved it.

LOL…typo, I meant to say “in my shaft.

Yeah, Andrew, I’ve found that I prefer the fulcrum and with long times and slightly less force. And the vids demonstrate techniques which actually save you some arm & hand fatigue, to a degree.

Another tip: I use one of those cheapie “hour glass” style egg timers. Bought it in a dollar store. It takes 3 minutes for the sand to empty. I turn it over then get it into the stretch - which takes less than 10 seconds. I just go about 10 seconds longer, after the sand runs out, to make 3 minutes.

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