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Got my zinc and copper


Thanks for the info lb!

need a little help

i could use a little assistance on how and where to locate the 3” zinc corrosions inhibitor rods on the mcmaster site.

all i can seem to find are zinc plated threaded rod. should i be looking for the exact name “corosion inhibitor rod” that mr hubbard

mentioned or something else. thanks

Part Number 3606K6 Zinc Corrosion Inhibitor Plug 1/4” NPT, 3” Rod Length, 3/8” Rod Dia $5.29 Each

thanks eq

would you suggest me to make a cock ring myself from copper and zinc to see gains in PE ?

thanks in advance


How to build a ring of Power?

Originally Posted by Hughjorgan9
One more thing…mine is a bit unique…I accidentally ordered the zinc in the 1/2 OD, so I had to use my hack saw to cut it in half…it gives it more surface area than the 3/8 OD…also, when you use the hacl saw to cut it, don’t file down the rough edge it makes, that makes a barb for the rubber hose to catch on so it won’t pull off…

When I first read about this thing, Supra from MOS was going to charge me $65 US to make me one…my actual costs to make my own:

Zinc rod $5.86
Copper rod $7.73
rubber hose $7.00
about 30 minutes of labor

I have enough materials left over to make 2 or 3 more…

Is there a post showing how to build a ring of power? I thought I saw one earier this week. Just can’t find it now. PM me is you don’t mind? Thanks, lastresort

lastresort > what’s the great idea about wearing it ? what does it actually do ? Does it help PE growth?


I was actually meant to post here, accidentally went on the other one. I got my zinc and copper out after a long while and I hope to get some results with it.


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