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Got my powerjelq!

Got my powerjelq!

Just picked it up today. It looks very durable and well made.

I have to comment on something that I have read before. Some people seem to think that the powerjelq is somewhat dangerous. That is not a fair opinion IMO. The powerjelq is a very useful tool, I can see that right away. The thing is, it is very powerful, you can get a lot pressure if you press hard on the handles. Only YOU can hurt yourself if you are not careful, and you may do that faster with a tool like this.

Now, I have to admit that I havent really tested this device properly, becouse I am going through an injury (read the “First injury…rare one too” thread for more on this), but as I said, the pressure it can give is what gives this thing its well put name.
Of course I couldnt just look at it and do nothing, so I didnt jelq, but used it to get a good grip behind my head and stretched a few times, it was very good for this. I think if I have had it before I started my “stretching hard routine” about 10 days ago, maybe I would not have injured myself, becouse my injury came after pulling too much skin (becouse I didnt had a good grip) and some extra stupidity on my part.

About the ordering process, Rob (at PJ) was very friendy and supportive all the way, even when I had some delivery problems with my country`s lousy mail system.

I dont mean to look like Im promoting this thing, but I have to say excellent product, excellent support and I think fair price.


Hey Chi,

Keep that PJ away from your dick until you are completely healed. I know you are probably anxious to get back to exercising, but wait until you are sure you are healed all the way. Then take it real easy when you start back, don’t try to jump in with the intensity that you were at when you hurt yourself.

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thanks for caring

That is some good advice thunder. I think I learned my lesson with this injury, I only made this test because after all I had to go through to buy this thing (and the bib), it sucked to just look at it and not even get a little feel of it. I was very careful and didnt stress anything related to my injury. Now I have the PJ back in its bag and I will try not to think about it until I am healed. I do look forward to some great workouts with this thing, but I wont be anxious anymore, it is better safe than sorry.

Same goes for my Bib when I get it. By that time I think I will be much better. There will be a moment when my dick tells me “Im ok now”, then I will say “ok, come back in a few days and we will talk about it”. I will start slow as you say then. Again, thanks Thunder, your dedication to this board and concern for the members is something to be really admired.


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