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got laid for the first time since I started PEing..., WOW


Arnold & second skin

The movie with alyssa milano was from the mid 80s……i recall tehy even made a ?nintendo? video game out of it. It wasn’t called RAW……it was called…….shit…….i still remember the first scene wehre arnold is hjacking wood with an axe……sees his “daughter” alyssa milano on the blade’s reflection…….and then gives her a huggy. WHAT WAS THE DAMN NAME OF THE MOVIE……argh!!! damn good video game too.

If you haven’t seen it pal, time to rent some classic action videos man!!

On the tight condom thing……’s mainly girth or head size. I may not have the length(7.5 onlY)….and my stalk is stil less than 6 inches……..i believe that my HEAD ……a.ka. “mushroom tip” is what makes it tough to pull over the whole penis. I’ve seen pornos and even the big penis guys have relatively smaller tips than mine. I feel so special, yet also upset.

Also, the bald black guy from PREDATOR was in this movie as well. Beleive ujt or not……he’s a PROFESSOR at some black prestigious college in real life. I saw him as a gues t on BETelevision show. I wish he did more movies.

And if girth is what you’re after……i recommend slow intense jelqing vs the rather quick “milking” the video shows.

Hey man, of course, you are talking about Commando !!! Yea great movie. Didnt know Alyssa Milano was there tough. And btw the avatar could had been taken from a real life since Arnold loves to smoke some puros in real life as well.

Well, right now Im not worried about girth gains, Im more focused on lenght, and thank god Im succeeding in both.

Dont you think not enough room for sperm could be a problem related to a tight condom ?

Gee, i get it.

As a natural speller, I GET the anal-retentiveness about my lack of spell-checking. That is exactly why i don’t repair my misspelled words. And I also hated writing proper form in essays in school. I prefer the “spoken word” method of writing.

But this isn’t my board, so I shall save my “….”, bad grammar etc etc for private messaging. By the way, Commando is the name of the movie.


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