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Good results doing A and V stretches?

Good results doing A and V stretches?

I am thinking of incorporating A (pulling up on the penis while it is stretched out) and V(pulling down while stretched out) into my routine.

Has anybody received significant gains from doing this?

Also, has anybody else tried wrapping their penis around a pipe and slowly turning it or something similar? I’m not sure what DLD’s reputation is, but it didn’t sound like a bad idea.

The guy that introduced v stretches to us gained at least 1.25” from them.

If you’re interested in seeing “assisted” a or v stretches check my sig line for a link to our video series.



I got some decent results from them (basically they’re “dual fulcrum” stretches). But I would advise not doing them too vigorously. Also, try to hold the stretches for about 2 minutes each set. Just remember to shake it out good, to restore circulation, between sets.

Originally Posted by wadzilla

But I would advise not doing them too vigorously.

Why not?

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Hrm ok, anybody ever tried rolling their penis around a tube of some sort? I looks like if you did it you would be able to get a long stretch.

If a moderator could change the name of this topic to

“Good results doing A and V stretches?” with a ? At the end, I’d appreciate it, I think the topic sends the wrong message.

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