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Good or bad?

Good or bad?

I am aking myself some time now what is the indicator that I was done a good workout or session. It can’t be the only way that you wait one period of time and see if you have any results or not. I am thinking if you after a session feel maybe some prickling sensation in the penis, or maybe some minor pain. What is good? What is the indicator that you will grow?

I would also want to know if it is possible to overtrain your unit. If you can jelq with so much intesitity that you don’t hurt your self, but anyway to much for growth? Can anybody knows these anserws or must I figure it out by my self.

Soreness is always a good thing as long as its nothing serious. After a good jelqing session your unit should feel a little “pumped” sort of like the dong hangs a little heavier. I’m not so sure about the indicator but if your measurements before and after a routine should be different, at least mine are. It is possible to overtrain your wang but I’m not so sure of the specifics, do a search to better understand what overtraining is.

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