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Good movtivation for the married guys

Good movtivation for the married guys

I want to say this place is great and I’m new to PEing. But last night me and my wife of five years went out and were talking. She doesn’t know anything about my new efforts with Mr. Winky, and she says “here lately its been kind of hurting incertain positions and thats why when you grind it , I have to ease up some” and she was puzzled. I mean that made my whole night, and I’ve noticed just barely getting to touch something new inside on a good grind while she’s pushing. Married guys know every knook and cranny of their wives. I may have to lay off PE today because the way I feel, he could get hurt.


Ah, one of the benefits of PEing is greater contact area inside the vagina! But I think you should be more concerned about hurting her than “Winky.” My cock has always reached as far as the back wall of the inside of my wife’s pussy, right where the uterus begins, and you’ll only need to bang this too hard once to cause her excruciating pain (& therefore earn yourself a slap or worse —like temporarily revoked sex privileges!), if she’s like most women.

A benefit I’ve experienced is when I used a stretch technique recently when we were in the middle of it. We were both close to orgasm, and I put my right hand in the V-stretch position (think upside-down Star-Trek sign for “live long & prosper”) on the base of my cock and pushed down slightly while pumping in & out. She went wild! “You hit an alphabet!” were her exact words.

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in what position were you and your wife when you tried that V-Sign thing?

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


No shit Tex, don’t leave us hanging here (literally… LOL). Give some details so we can all firgure this out. Since your married, I’m guessing missionary position. ha ha



Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Tex's Position

I cannot answer for Tex but I have done something simular as well to the wife. Only I will press down on the base of my unit with my thumb and what this does is push my unit upwards thus applying more pressure to the “G” spot (which is what might be refered to as the alphabet… only my guess). The only way that I can do this is on my knees and not in the missionary position as one cannot get the proper leverage. Maybe if I did more pushups I could do this with one arm though.

It seems that different women have either a higher or lower position of their vigina and this technique helps for those that are closer to the butt hole than the ones that are more “up front”.

The disadvantage, if it is one, is that one does not get the same penetration distance.

Regards Canuck

My position using v-stretch pressure

Sorry to leave you hanging guys— not much online time (without the wife looking) lately! No hugeness, it wasn’t missionary, exactly! Our favorite from the front: She leans back at a 45-degree angle both legs up, I’m on my knees with thighs spread apart far as possible. She has a tilted uterus, so maybe that makes the wall of her vagina easy to affect with pressing on my dick. And by the way, penetration distance was not affected! My 7.5” went all the way in with the head of my cock passing over the G-, U-, A-, B-, C-, or whatever spot it was! I still get hard thinking about it.

Hope the above helps, guys!

Uncut, what does imao mean?


We grow 'em bigger down south!


Are you hughjordan8? you sure sound like him


Dear Dino,



We grow 'em bigger down south!

Hey Tex

Thought you were a friend from the peforum he’s from dallas, enjoyed your post anyway


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