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Good in bed


Good in bed

You can do it all night. J/K

You better learn how to use your tool. If you can’t use it,
being bigger want matter. When I had 5.5 EL and 4.5 EG,
I gave my wife orgasms. Now with 6 EL and 5 EG its even
better. She says she likes the girth more than the length.

Snake in your house.


Did I miss something or what?

What is your point?

hahaahhaa thats all i can say to that reply



"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

I think what he’s trying to say here is to be happy with your current size and learn to please your partner with your current size because no matter how big you get if you can’t please your partner now with what you got, then you will never be able to please her with what you get. kinda makes sense.

monsta, that was more confusing than the original post

gman, let me see if i can break it down further for you. learn to please her now with your current size so that when you get bigger, you will already know how to use it. no use in having a big tool if you can’t use it.

This thread is really funny!

It reminds of primary school when we had to read poems and try to figure out what the fuck did the poet mean???

I think the symbol of the snake here must mean something, maybe it’s like PE is the forbidden fruit while the snake is offering this fruit to his wife, and the thicker the apple the more orgasms she gets..

I think

I think what is being said is what good is a 8 by 6 if you don’t know how to use it,but lets face it ,its kinda hard to control yourself when your woman is moaning and groaning at your new size ,I guess thats why practice make perfect


You are correct. I mean wouldn’t it be a bad thing, if someone
had 5.5 x 4.5, and you had 8 x 6, and the smaller guy is better in bed.

snake in your car.

I would say it would be a bad thing


This problem does happen, as much as I would like 8x6, It seems
that most female don’t like that much length. I’ve talk to a lot of
women, that don’t like penises jammed into to their cervix. On the other hand they, don’t mind a little extra girth.

Snake in your tree!

Hey snake,

At first the snake was in my house, then in my car, then in my tree… what’s next ???

ù ì å í


snake is in the bed

snake is everywhere.. he can’t be stopped!

but anyhow - if you insist on being serious with this funny thread then I’ll add my 2 cents:

yes, it’s right. I started out with about a 5.8 x 4.3, and my ex-wife and I had the most amazing sex in the first year we were together, lots of times she use to come 6 times during one lovemaking session. basically she told me it’s the best sex she ever had and she told me her ex boyfriend was huge, really huge, but the sex with him was horrible, and not because it hurt her but because he was just very repressed in his sexuality.

also - something even more surprising: my ex-girlfriend I was with for 5 month, and during that time I began PE. Now at the beginning the sex was just unbelievable, I’m talking also physically and also emotionally and even spiritually. It was just something else. Now a couple of month after I started seeing her I started PE, and I had quite a big gain in the first months of PE. I never told her I was doing this, and she thought it’s her being more tight than usual..

anyhow - the amazing thing is, while I was getting length and especially girth gains I started to concentrate more and more on the feeling of filling her up more and more, and it did feel great, I was happy with this, but she said to me that she feels that I’ve changed in bed, she didn’t know why, but she said that I used to be more wild and open before.. basically she liked me in bed better before I started PE!

I thought about it and realized that what happened was that I just got too cock conscious and maybe I just started to put more attention on what’s going on down there and somehow neglected all the rest around it..

so basically, snake, you are right, but please get out of my bed!!!



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