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Good gains??

Good gains??

I started PE’in back in late july. I measured back and July and here is what i have so far.

July 23-5.8 BP
Oct. 14-6.2

I haven’t measured girth yet because i’m focussing on length. I can tell I’ve gained some girth though just by looking. I can tell my dick is more “rock hard” and more powerful looking. I just curious is this a good gain after these few months. My routine.

Wrap: 10min
Jelq+HorseSqueeze: 35 mins
Manual Stretches: My own little routine of 60 second holds. Have had 4 lig pops since i started PE’ing.
I usually for 6 days a week but sometimes I won’t have time fridays or sat. night.

Thanks for your input and I won’t give up till i reach my goal of 7.5 or better :) . Add some input or advice if you will. I feel like my dick is ready for advance workout and have yet to injure myself(knocks on wood) besides some doughnut effects. I don’t go for hanging so cancel that out ;) Thanks again !

Everyone is different. Some people gain 1/2” a month for a while others have gained nothing in 2 years. I think any gain is good. You might want to drop consistent Horses until you reach your length gains. Personaly I do a stretch session in the morning (or I should do but am currently not). Its considerewd much better to do the stretches before the jelqing, are you doing this in your routine? Also doing a wrap after your session is good.


I would wait with horses and put a good solid 6 months onto the jelq—really condition the ole’ pecker so you can fully take advantage of horses when you get to them.


6-22-08: 7.5' BPEL, 7' NBPEL, 7.75' BPSFL, 5.25' EG

Goals: 8' NBPEL, 6' EG, 21' NBPSFL

Hey guys, thanks for the responses. I’m just going to take day by day and keep on PEin safely hoping for the results i want.

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