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good gains at first now nothing

good gains at first now nothing

I gained 0.5 inches in the first 3 weeks but have gained zilch in the last 6 weeks. Has anyone else experienced a similar thing and how did you overcome it? Most people, if they gain at all seem to do so steadily for the first 4 or 5 months, it is really bringing me down that I have stopped.

My routine mon-fri 30 mins jelqing inc horses, ulis. 2 x 15 mins stretching. sat and sun rest.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

keeep going!

How about ?

Switch up the routine. Either add a slight amount more of time each day or hit 2 sessions. Seems like you have plateued earlier on than expected. Maybe dice it up by adding a 3rd rest day. Just play with what you got and see what can be done from there.

What is your nutrition like? Do you take a lot of vitamen “C”? What is your % erect during these exercises usually?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.


Thanks for the advice tt, I will try the things you have suggested.

I aim to work at about 80% erect though this may drop to about 50% later in the session. I make no special attempt to get high amounts of vit C- why? is it important?

One thing I forgot to mention, while I was making my gains my penus had a nice plump look and feel to it for several hours following jelqing, these days if anything it becomes skinnier and smaller immediately after the session and takes some time to return to its normal size- could this have something to do with the halt to my gains?

keeep going!

keep at it

went for about 6 months w/ no real gains, now all of a sudden they’re starting to happen again…check me out at sizes pe data


Hey Jztb, your girth gains have been brilliant!! what’s your routine?

keeep going!


Hey dongers,

Being shriveled after a workout is a sign of overtraining. I suggest you take several days (or a week) off to recover and then back off on the squeezes when you resume. Horses and Ulis are advanced exercises, and you may be doing too much too soon.

You didn’t say what kind of stretches you are doing, but static manual stretches didn’t do anything for me after my initial gains. You could try JAI’s or Blasters.


warmup,stretches,jelqs and intense squeezes

the basics over and over

I’ve simply stuck w/ the basics for 19 months now….sometimes I’d plateau for awhile but if ya keep at it you can’t help but get bigger. You’ll the same w/ other guys on Size’s data site. PM me or email me if ya want more info….

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