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Gonna start workin????????

Gonna start workin????????

I read so many post on here about people getting fast gains in the beginning,about people gaining and inch or 2 in the 1st few months….
I have been PE’in for about 6 or 7 months now,and still have nothing or very little to show for it……

I have read every article and tryed every exercise around…… :)
i have gained maybe o.25 in girth ,but nothing in length

here is my current routine quickly ,Lot is at 7-8

5 min wrap
10 min stretches (V-stretch) and downward stretch 3- 30 sec holds.
10 min wet jelqs
10 min pump (Which i just added 2 weeks ago)

Same as A.M. except i double up on the jelqs and the pump
i do 10 min jelq -10 min pump- 10 min jelq- 10 min pump

3 days on 1 day off which i just started i was on a 6 on 1 off
also i was just doing evening sessions for 1st 3 months

Any help is greatly appreciated

If length is the goal, increase the stretch time and/or intensity and focus it all on downward angles: BTC, under the leg, down and to each side, whatever. Get what you can from lig stretch. If time is limited, reduce the jelqing and maybe even eliminate pumping for now.

Have you considered hanging?


OK thank you for the advice……………..
i have considered hanging and think i am going to go ahead and buy 1 from bigger

i have tried to make a few but all wind up uncomfortable and unusable

i take it that is the best way to get some length gains

should i work on length and leave girth alone till i gain a bit?????????

i am at about 5.5 in girth
i am about 5.5nbpe in length lmao
want to try at least for 6.5nbpe

thanks in advance for any advice

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