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Gone from average to monster (7 inch girth)!!


Gone from average to monster (7 inch girth)!!

Man its good to see that the theory I posted a while back about girth has finally been proven by another. My pics were not all that clear but now that another member has experienced it thats good to know. Now all the skeptics can see that I wasn’t bullshittn. And as for aristo congrats man, you even got a half inch more than me cause I stopped at 6.5 at the base, but after realizing how much females prefer thickness I am thinking about starting again. I promised myself that I would not post on this board again because some members dont know how to appreciate anything, the first thing they do is doubt someones achievements, whether or not they see the logic of the theory. Well for those who are interested, this theory in conjunction with jelqing or even without in my opinion is the best exercise for girth hand down. Also the set technique that aristo stated is the best way to achieve the overall results, and I also usually use a hot wrap in between sets as well. What the sets technique does is allow you to expand the cells a little more on each sets until you max out, and it is only at that point gains are possible. I also usually do this routine after a hanging session as I find that hanging just before increases the overall expansion capacity, and as a result I am usually about an inch or two bigger in girth and length after this routine.

Well thats my piece.
and for all those who doubted me, I am now glad its proven.
It took a while, but Im still glad.

Peace to all members.


What was your starting stats?

Man when I started I was 6.5 length and 4.5 girth. I haven’t exercised in a while but as aristo stated to you guys the gains are solid.

I’m now 9.5 in length and 6.5 at the base and 6 mid shaft. I PE for about 3yrs. You guys should also note that clamping at the base will make the girth a bit disporportionate. You will be a little thicker at the base than the top, as you can see from aristo’s pics. Thats why i incorporated jelqs in my routine.


Damn, jay: I think that is some kind of record. I’m not sure even the legendary Bib gained 3” in length and 2”girth in just two years. Did you do anything other than clamp and jelq? The reason I ask is because there has been a lot of speculation whether or not any significant erect length gains can be achieved by clamping alone. You may have just answered our questions.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes


Jay: Also, I’m a little confused. Didn’t you just post this in Aristocane’s four star, 36,000 view 400 some odd page thread? Same title, different station

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

I want to second what BG said Jay…nice gains!

You have my goal cock size. I just picked up this “new” routine, even though I occasionaly clamped in the past. My whole focus is now on clamping. I’m sitting at 5.8 EG and 6.75 base EG and I would love my midshaft girth to catch up with my base girth. As for my length I’m sitting close to 9.5 BP (between 9.25 to 9.5, so I don’t want to claim 9.5 yet), and I would love 9.5NBP (an absolute dream).

Good luck and I’m jealous you got the dick I want.


Big Girtha

Man let me tell you this the only type of hanging i did was straight down I started at mild stretching then I hanged with five pounds for a period then moved to 7.5 pounds then 10 but I have never hang more than that. i use to hang for about 25mins at least twice a day and when I was doing PE I was completely healthy, constantly working out and my diet was flawless, and I rested well. Man I found out about this board after I had done PEing and I wasn’t familiar with most of them techniques that you guys now know about. So my routine consisted of just what I mentioned, and i share the same view as aristo in terms of variety vs intensity. If you constantly increase intensity in my opinion they is no need for variety, unless the initial goal has changed. And as for length gains and clamping in my opinion clamping does contribute but not significantly, thats why I incorporated hanging in my routine.


You gained 3” by hanging no more than 10 lbs for 50 minutes a day? What kind of hanger were you using?

Great gains jayroony!

You’re a inspiring source for all of us that have problems with the gains.

You rock.

Gone cementing - Started (2005): 7.25 NBPEL 5.7 EGMS. 5 years later (2010): 8.25 NBPEL 6.3 EGMS. 8 years later, 3 years with no PE (2013): 8.1 NBPEL 5.9 EGMS

Those are impressive gains. Did you work on length and girth separately or did you work them both out at the same time? eg 6mo length then 6mo girth


Back in 2003 you said

Originally Posted by jayroony
I started at 5 ½ L and now almost 9 and you better believe I have the pics to prove it.
Girth was 4 ½ at the base now almost 7, and the smallest girth on my shaft measures 5 ½.

Read if you want gains! Sharing what I know.


Originally Posted by jayroony
Man when I started I was 6.5 length and 4.5 girth. I haven’t exercised in a while but as aristo stated to you guys the gains are solid.
I’m now 9.5 in length and 6.5 at the base and 6 mid shaft. I PE for about 3yrs.

So 2 years ago your base girth was bigger than now, but you’ve gained 1/2” in length in 2 years.

Is that right?

Maybey he meant lenght bone pressed the second time and non bone pressed the first time, also he said almost 7 inch girth, so it might mean he meant 6.5.

He did say he has the pics to prove it. Please share the before and after pics.



Back when I was doing this I wasn’t aware of this board and as such I didnt document anything. And the 6.5 length should actaully be 5.5, however I remembered the 4.5 girth vividly because thats what shocked me more than anything else. And a few months after that post when I got to my then desired size i stopped PEing. And if you read everything in my post I am sure you will understand why I stopped posting as well.


I did share the pic back when i posted in 2003. I even took the pics with damn tape measure to prove it and members were still hating.

So as for pics and posts no more. I have already shared my knowledge whoever wished to learn from it, add to it or modify it is free to do so. But I am no longer an active member on this board, and i owe nobody anything. I dont mean to sound rude and I apologize for that, but when members come on here and talk shit in disbelief, what they are actually saying to me in different words is that I have time and energy to waste to come on this board and fill people’s head with crap. With i take as an insult, as I have absolutely nothing to gain here. So all I wanted to say was that I am happy to see someone else progress from the routine I posted. I have given this board all the info they need about my routine in my initial post back in 2003, so everything ya’ll need to know should be there.

Good luck to all.

Why are you using exactly the same thread name as aristocane’s?

You say you’re at 6.5 now. Not 7.

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

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