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Golf Weights

Golf Weights

I read some of BG’s posts (from ‘04 and ‘05) about wearing 1-2 golf weights all day to keep a stretch on the member. I’m a newbie to PE so…

Can I do this so I get a greater flaccid hang? That’s what it’s for, correct?

Is it safe to do as a newbie, if I just wore 1 weight, even?

Also, where can I order the weights he was talking about? The ones that are 2 lbs. for a set of 3.

I don’t know if anybody has answered your question yet so I will offer my two cents. One of the things BG always stressed was not to let your penis turtle. One way to do that is to use the golf weights. They are not too heavy so you can’t expect them to really stretch your penis. But they will provide a way to keep your flaccid hanging better. I think it was BG’s idea that this will eventually lead to increased flaccid length, but this is mainly just from not allowing your penis to turtle. I have not used this mention that much but I do think it has helped in some way. One of the big problems using this method is to keep the weights from falling off. I think you can find good directions on how to do this by using a search through Thunders. Another problem I saw was that if you wanted to add more than a couple of weights to make it work better, you had a much harder time of keeping them from falling off. And lastly, don’t even think of getting an erection…you might be in a world of hurt.

Safety wise…the weight itself is not a problem, but the method you use to hold them on might be a problem. Using something like ace bandage or clamp is going to restrict blood flow, so be sure to use common sense. The best place I have found find the weights is Wal-Mart, however I’m not sure if they are kept in stock on the moon since golf is not that popular up there. Good Luck.

If you are going to use golf weights as an Ad’s. I strongly suggest using Monty’s PE weights. They are heavier and are designed not to pinch like regular golf weights can. I’ve used them for about a year now and the way I keep them on is I get a strip of theraband cloth then at one end I glue a 6 or so inch peice of velcro about 1/2 in. Wide, I then put on the weights ,then wrap the cloth right behind the glans and use the velcro to keep it in place. Don’t put it on too tight or you may have to take it off alot if you go numb.

Sorry I didn’t give his address. It’s

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