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Golf weight alternatives?

Golf weight alternatives?

Does anyone know any alternatives to golf weights. I don’t actually need them for the weight, just as a stretching aid. my girth is too big to get inside of the weight. So i am looking for something else to use. Any ideas?

I’m not sure what else you can use, but one bit of advice, I only use my golf weights for stretching once every two weeks, the exercise puts a lot of stress on the penis and in my opinion shouldn’t be done to often. Good luck on your quest.

19th Feb 2012

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I had the same problem and splashed out on the enlarged Monti’s PE weights, they work a treat.

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I also bought monty’s weights - the larger size. They’re shaped to avoid pinching.

Before golf weights came along I used to hold my dick straight out with one hand and use a belt as a fulcrum to stretch it in all directions up and down the shaft. It was a 3/4” wide belt so that made it easy to make sure I stretched the whole shaft. It’s the coach version of first class golf weights. You get to the same destination but the ride isn’t as smooth.

You might want to check out these golf weights. They have a larger diameter center than the ones most guys are using.
They are flatter and taller and the outer diameter is smaller. They should be able to accomodate most flaccid girths.

I had purchased my original ones from Wal-Mart. When they no longer carried them I ordered from these guys.

Compare to the original:…7YL._AA160_.jpg

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