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Going to try out newbie's routine..



Thanks for posting an update. All too often an idea or plan is proposed, and then the poster doesn’t check back in with results or lack thereof. Thank you!

This doesn’t mean one on one off is bad, or may not work for the someone else. With more reports, perhaps some conclusion can eventually be drawn.


If you have a plan in which you think others may wish to participate, consider posting it in the experiment forum. Please eventually let us know the details and how it works out for you. More data leads to better knowledge.

Oh, I gotta plan alright...

But I seriously doubt anyone’s going to want to follow it.


Untill, of course, I prove that anyone who does will grow 2 inches in a couple months.

Hey, stop laughing, I’m serious!

I’ve been on the forums for a while, and I believe I’ve found a few constants that many disregard, or believe to be inconsequential to gains. Oh, on occaision lip service may be paid to them, but by and large, the questions center on how to ___, how long to ____, how hard to ____.

(blanks may be filled in by: jelque, squeeze, stretch, kegel, bend, twist, tongue your girlfriend, etc…)

Maybe, provided a sound approach is taken, it just doesn’t matter.

(Although you may wish to double check with the girlfriend…)

We all want a solution. I can’t fault that. We want a set routine, a solid hanger, a simple progession… even a pill. But maybe the formula for success will elude this classic reductionist mindset. Maybe we have to stretch a little (no pun intended), and incorporate a little Voodoo.

Northstar Voodoo.


Ok, here’s a thought:
How many of you wake up each morning with a grade “A” hard-on?

Oh, what a surprise. And you say you’re not gaining?

I can already see objections being raised to the thought that PE is dependent upon sexual health.

So be it, it’s a link in the chain, no less or more important than many others.

“And you’d be surprised how many others there are.”

What’s more, as I have not had any gains for over a year, I’m a prime test monkey.

Or a Space Monkey, if you will.

“Space Monkey. Ready to be shot into space.”
-Tyler Durden

Northstar out!


Erm, yeah I just tried a similar routine for a month and a half and got NO gains AT ALL. My girth didn’t even improve like it usually does. I think I will up the time and intensoty a little bit now.

Want some candy?

northstar, spill the beans. I’m willing to try anything at this point.

I may even purchase “The Grip” to add to my collection of useless PE devices (I’ve got them all).


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