going shopping for creams

I’m developing discoloration and I’m wondering what I should go buy from the pharmacy or health store. Over the past month or so my dick has been getting darker, it’s kind of that rust color people talk about here. I can see at the base of my dick, the color it used to be, it’s like a ring of white skin around my dick. I don’t actually hate the new color so much, it’s the odd looking color difference that bothers me, girl friend is wondering what the heck is going on.

So I’ve read that this ALA cream is good? Vitimin C cream? By the way, I’m using vasline Renew and Protect which is probably a bad idea, I realized after I bought it that the “Protect” part of the label means it has 5 spf sun screen in it.

Suggestions please! I’d like to here product names and what ever else you can tell me about discoloration.