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Going From Hanging Back To Manual Stretching

Going From Hanging Back To Manual Stretching

I’ve been hanging for a few months regularly, but I just don’t feel like doing it today. Would it even be worth it to do an all manual stretch routine after hanging for so long? Would you think an hour of manual is equal to an hour of hanging? It’s just so goddamned tedious setting up the hanger, and doing an hour isn’t really an hour… it’s more like an hour and a half.

Maybe just for today I’ll go back to the basics.


If you think stretching is easier than hanging have fun. With hanging you put on the hanger and sit the hanger does the rest. Are you having trouble setting up your hanger? I would think an hour of manual stretching is equal to hanging for an hour but just a lot more work.

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I think I detect a possible motivation problem. Have you hit a plateau? Maybe you need to try something totally different, mix it up. Sorry if I’m reading too much into the question. I know we all have down days. :)

For me, hanging is much easier.


For me the auto exercises are easier: hanging, fowfers, cock ring ( I haven’t done this one yet), and any others that do the work after it is set up. I like jelqing because of the veins, penile health, size increase, etc., but I really don’t like having to do so much work as it requires, just as manual stretching requires manual work.

I have no difficulty setting up the hanger, it’s just that feeling of being “grounded” for an hour or more that gets to me sometimes. I’m probably at the point where I need to hang for more than just 3 twenty-minute sets anyway, and I don’t think I’m gonna have the time. I work a day job that starts mad early, and on the weekends I work another job, so after sitting on my ass for an hour I’m going crazy… even if I kill time by browsing the web and stuff.

I’m not talking about a complete switch and putting my hanger on the shelf… I’m talking about alternation between the two…manual and hanging… just to cure the boredom. Like, I’ve been doing an hour a day for months now…sometimes up to 13lbs. I know that in order to keep getting results I have to increase the time, and I don’t think I can make it.

Are you reaching fatigue with 13 pounds?

I’m having trouble finding time for hanging, too.

I always wondered if combining one hanging set where fatigue was reached plus an ADS would be effective. If you could do one set in 30 minutes, including a liberal allowance for setup, then wear golf weights or do some other ADS, and still get gains, it would be a great time saver.

Maybe a few manual stretches before you hang to get a more intense session.

This really seems like more of a mental thing though, if you can hang for an hour or stretch for a hour you are still sitting for that long. The only difference is with hanging your mind is more free. Maybe you just need to start reading about something of interest, or watch some TV or something.

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