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God damn it!


Hey, I often apologize when killing spiders, so you’re not alone! I made a deal with the spider universe: I’ll leave them alone outdoors, and they have to stay out of my house. I can overrule my own edict by letting one live, but the agreement is, if they make themselves known, especially in a scary way, they’re gone. And yes, a lot of them die of starvation anyway, so I’m just hastening their exit without seriously changing the gene pool.

Originally Posted by Dino9X7
The spider must be killed before he feeds off you while your sleeping, or before he crawls in your mouth at night for a drink while you sleep and you swallow him “resist gag reflex’ no shit I remember reading somewhere that we swallow a lot of spiders over our life time.

lol thanks for that comforting thought.

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Wouldn’t it be cool being a spider and jelqing with 8 hands :D

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