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Glueing two clamps together

Glueing two clamps together

A few days ago it occurred to me to glue two clamps together, basically into a single clamp of twice the width. I recall from Big Girtha’s posts that his urologist disliked clamping in part because the small surface over which the pressure is applied. Doubling up the clamps seems like a way to spread the pressure over a greater area.

I went ahead and glued two clamps with Krazy Glue, leaving the “arms” of the clamps separate - that is, not glued. It works quite well - after wrapping you can close up one clamp to lock in the blood then gradually ratchet up the second clamp as necessary. The usual caveats apply with clamping - ie. don’t do it, it’s madness. But if you decide to (at your own risk) read the Clamping 101 thread.

Great idea. I use lots of electrical tape. Same idea, same way. It works great. Although I tape the upper part also, except the part with tines and I clamp them both at the same time.

Isn’t this the same thing as double clamping with the addition of super glue?

Easier to put on probably though.

I actually drilled the rivet out and riveted both clamps together and screwed the the ratchet area with small screw. I did this because glue didn’t last as long with all the force being applied. I used this for awhile and is quite effective for fast girth at the base, but I no longer use it since I like to choose where to clamp the second clamp. I am just under 6.0 EG at the base and at 5.5 mid shaft. I clamp as close to the pelvic bone as possible and the second clamp is positioned about 1 inch to 1.5 inches from that one. I’m trying to move the girth towards my mid shaft. I also riveted three clamps together which was useless since it was hard releasing the middle clamp, and the first two didn’t get as many clicks as the third. It was just awkward.

Originally Posted by RandomGiant
Easier to put on probably though.

Hmm I have never had any trouble putting on a second clamp? Have you had any trouble? If so can you elaborate?

I have just started using 1 clamp and was wondering if there are any pictures of which way round you wear your clamps to fit the shape of the penis better?

Originally Posted by larealty77
I have just started using 1 clamp and was wondering if there are any pictures of which way round you wear your clamps to fit the shape of the penis better?

Teeth facing up fits the shape the best.

Haha sure, just instead of taking off two clamps separately, you just have to take off one bigger one :) . Yeah, but it all depends on what you’re after I guess.

Originally Posted by Long Grass
Teeth facing up fits the shape the best.

Yes I found a picture with a guy wearing it teeth facing up but for my shape that just pushes the CC at 3 and 9 oclock.
If I put the clamp on with the teeth at the side if fits the shape of my penis.

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