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That sucks man! I wondered where you had been recently. You know I always enjoy your posts!

Hope you recover 100% my friend! May the force be with you!


By the way, what kind of jeep was it? The American Jeep?

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Originally Posted by GlandMaster
Thanks for the well wishes, ladies & gents!

Grx, It’s good to know that my fan club is still active. I’m still healing up, but the Jeep will never see the outside of the wrecking yard again.. And yes, xl, it is a miracle that I’m still alive.


Get well soon bro :)

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You’re one of the pithiest posters GM.:up:

Hope you make a full and speedy recovery and use your convalesence to tap out a few more witty posts for our delectation.:)

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Heal fast GM!

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GM you nutter, how the hell did that happen?

Anyway, I’m really sorry to hear you’ve hurt yourself. Hope you get better mate.



An accident involving GM? Our GM!:beaver: Our GlandMaster GM!

Sorry, just a minute, I feel a bit %-\ Yuk!

I’ll have to read it from the beginning again….pretty serious…and…the Jeep…nurse…sucks man!

What a relief, he’s safe everybody! :spin2: . The Jeep was wrecked, but everything’s on the mend now :nodding: , apart from the Jeep that is, but who cares about that tatty old thing, as long as GM’s not wrecked!

:-Y You should see what I’m driving btw, now that’s what I call a wreck! :rolleyes:

Anyway, you have to sign in every hour GM, to let us know how you are doing, or we’ll not sleep at all and we’ll all be ugly, just post any old thing at all!

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Originally Posted by GlandMaster
It is a miracle that I’m still alive.


Had me an accident like this in Dec. ‘01, couldn’t walk for four months, I was the only person injured out of 3 ppl. The others didn’t get a scratch. Hope you recover quick and to 110%


Supersizeit had a bad car accident a few months back and told us about how badly it can mess with your head. I’m certainly glad to hear your among the living and hope you’ll be among the healthy and happy again soon.


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Sorry to hear that GM.

Take it easy and take it slow.

We’ll be here waiting.

Good luck.

Are you sure this is how Mr. Ed started?

Get well soon GM. Think chiropractor! :)

Look at the bright side, GM. You can stay home and pull on your dick all day long!

Get Well Soon!


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I’m very thankful you are ok. The jeep can be replaced, but there is only one of you.

Heal quickly and get back here! We miss you.

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Glad you are OK.

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