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Girth workout frequency

Girth workout frequency

Currently I am working on girth everyday but I have read many posts where guys have gained well by working out less frequently.

They may work every other day or two on and one off.

I know we all react differently but I just wanted your opinions on what what works best for you.

It is too early to tell as far as my gains go as I have only gained back some of what I lost before having to stop PE due to injury.

Try a different routine each week. What I did was, for one month, I would Jelq and do Sadsak Slinky everyday except on Sundays and Wednesdays. Then the next month I did the same exercises every other day. Now I am currently doing something different: In the morning, 50 power jelqs and the exercises from - My Girlfriend said those lovely words… , and do the same before I go to bed. What I’m doing now seems to work best. I know you’ll probably get this a lot but, experiment and find what works for you.

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It’s useful to consider the intensity when deciding on frequency. There’s more than one way to get there, and your time, goals, lifestyle and physical make up all factor in there right along with the routine.

Sometime I’m going to put together a tech doc to explain the reasoning behind why I believe this, but it won’t be any time soon. Put simply, we each have a critical mass where tissues recover and you can train again, or if it’s past that point then fibrosis occurs and the process becomes a much longer cycle accompanied by conditioning. It’s my belief that conditioning in the conventional sense is not optimal for gains (though it is for adaptation), and that there is a zone before that point that will give us the best return.

Tragedy, good idea.

My daily routine now is,

10 minute heat-pad,
10 minutes sadask slinky, (which I love)
Pump 5.5 hg for 7 minutes,
40 wet jelqs,
Pump 5.5 hg for 7 minutes,
40 wet jelqs,
Pump 5.5 hg for 7 minutes,
40 wet jelqs,
Pump 5.5 hg for 7 minutes.

7 days a week. Maybe next month I will try this routine every second day.

Shiver, I see what you mean.
With my current routine I look forward to the next session.
My libido is high at the moment so I do not feel as though I am overdoing it.
But I wondered if I might get better gains if I worked out every second day and gave my tissues more time for repair.

I guess I need to experiment so more.

What made me look deeper into this is that most people gain well in the first 4-6 weeks, then it takes them most of the year to get as much again (as a generalisation that is). We arre seeing more people reporting fresh gains after a break of at least 2 preferably 3 months (such as Wadzilla). If using heat and suitable protocol we can get the stretch with less ‘damage’ then the distance between deconditioning breaks may be greater. Whether it’s possible to build a routine that doesn’t require breaks is unknown at this point. But even great gainers like DLD who never take time off eventually hit the wall. I believe he hasn’t gained anything in the last 2 years. OCD members take note.

No need to overwork it with girth I’m doing 5 on 2 off now and my workout is about .5 hour sometimes .75 and I don’t fret if I miss a day here or there

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