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Girth theory: Pumping vs. clamping

Originally Posted by Walter5169
I’m not sure what you mean there? The skin is not affected by pressure simply because the pressure is focused inside the ccs, the skin and tissues around it are just stretched out a bit.

By “barely moves” I mean that the compliance of the tunica limits expansion, and therefore the pressure is not directly transmitted to the skin… the fleshy penis (everything outside the tunica) is only exposed to a slight increase in volume from the tunica on the inside, and the natural atmospheric pressure on the outside (practically speaking, neutral).

Originally Posted by Walter5169
Yes but then one would need to bend, squeeze or jelq to increase the pressure inside the shaft.

Yes, absolutely, and this is actually beneficial, since it is dynamic and theoretically helps “unravel” fibers (like jelqs).

Originally Posted by Walter5169
Yes it does but I still don’t really understand the mechanism of erections, if what you say is true then it means what I read was wrong.

Please mention what you are referring to; if you mean scientific articles on erections I probably don’t disagree…

Originally Posted by Walter5169
Also remember the tunica is different at the base than in other sections of the shaft (thinner and less elastic? can’t remember ), guys gain a lot of base girth from hanging, pumping and clamping.

Where did you hear that? The textbooks show a fairly symmetrical worm shape. Again, I like Xenos theories, but I think just as much emphasis should be placed on the disruption of fibers. A clamp applies a similar pressure to one area that jelqs do along the entire shaft. Just like a rope is much weaker at the point it passes over a pulley, I think anything that bends the tunica while applying tension is better.

It’s probably worth noting that a lot of exercises are distorting the base whether we intend to or not… fulcrum hanging is one thing, but even hanging straight down is using your pelvis as a fulcrum as the inner penis runs fairly horizontal… base gains shouldn’t be surprising.

Hmm.Clamping makes it feel heavier for long amounts of time after the workout. I would say clamping

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sorry, to resume all this page, do you reaccomend clamp and stretching to gain in pure girth?

otherwise we raccomend to alterante clamp and pump with jelq?



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