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Girth Test: Toilet Paper Roll

After I did’nt pass the toiler paper roll test, I quickly began to wonder damn am I that small? Sequently, I ran and got the tape measurer to find out my toilter paper roll is 6” thick. Dam was I glad. I figured once I gain another inch I will be complelty satisfied.. Ah who am I kidding, I want 3 more inches..

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Ahh yes, the toliet paper roll. When I started, it was quite a snug fit. Now, after a few months of PE , getting it over my head is a problem.

Originally Posted by CaptnHook
Hey man, that there slogan is a triple entendre. It’s gold, baby.

What has me cracking up is that in at least a few dozen homes across America today a wife, girlfriend, or mother is screaming “Where the hell did all the toilet paper go?!”

Exactly right - triple entendre. You da man.

And don’t forget about the many work places that mysteriously have a TP shortage today. We should all keep a TP roll on our desks at work and let the people wonder what the hell is going on. Of course, we might be surprised to find a few rolls on desks other than our own.

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What a delightful tale, Cap, and definitely fun to read.

For years I used to keep a few heavy cardboard mailing tubes kicking around my workshop. I cut them into various lengths, my size, my ideal size and fantasy sizes, I think the largest was 12x8. I would hold them up to my body for comparison. Toilet paper and paper towel tubes joined in the fun at times, but my willy has always been a shade too thick at the corona and mid-shaft to fit into most of them willingly. But, since toilet paper rolls come in various circumferences, it depends on the brand.

I also keep my cloth measuring tape handy at all times. My ex bf thought I was a nut and joked about me because I was always measuring the circumference and length of every can in the house in my quest for aesthetic ideal. That’s how I discovered the regular 12 oz. soda or beer can girth was 8-1/4” and it’s length only 4-7/8” (21cm x 12.2cm). Since I’m a girth fiend I often have a flash of fantasy when I take a swig from a can of beer. Now, about those Fosters cans……. :p

Originally Posted by tomarctus
Since I’m a girth fiend I often have a flash of fantasy when I take a swig from a can of beer. Now, about those Fosters cans…….

Now I know what to get you for your birthday :leftie:

(What - a guy can’t give his buddy a shiney new tape measure as a gift? You guys have very twisted minds!)

Wow it fits snug in my flaccid state. Since I dont measure, I guess I have decent girth?


I have done this in the past. I can’t get my glans into the roll.

I don’t know how big my rolls are though.

Captn, your posts always crack me up. My neighbors are going to start banging to walls if I read the first post again.

I remember once trying a toilet paper roll. I thought it looked huge but was suprised it didn’t go over my head. No way. Then I measured it up and it was indeed surprisingly thin.

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I also tried to fit the toilet paper tube over my head. Not even close!! Then I tried it over my penis, and it fit okay.

Does this mean I have a swollen head?

I measured the girth of a typical TP roll, and it is six inches.

Cap, your posts always make me smile!

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All I know is that I’m not letting any one of you guys near me!

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Unfortunately I am one of those Idiots. I wonder why I ask questions I don’t really want to know the answer to. That is why I am so anxious to grow. Damn me. But it has giving me more motivation to push myself. I one day will have the largest she had ever had. Or die trying.

I haven’t pas the roll test xD.
I’m 5” and the roll was 5.5”, thought I’ve got surprised it wasn’t very buggy. I’ll keep the reference for further comparisons cause I’ve just started with PE.


It seems the diameter is more important than circumference, since penises are a bit oval-shaped, being wider left-to-right, than up and down.


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