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Girth surgery

girth surgery

I know it’s best to stay away from surgery, and I know about all the possible consequences, but I am very interested in getting girth enhancement (not length)….I’ve been doing my fair share of PE over the last 2 years with decent length gains, and I plan to keep on doing it, but some added girth would be fantastic.

I was just wondering if anyone here has gotten any type of girth surgery, and how it affected them. Do you have less feeling when having sex? how long was your recovery? Was it expensive? etc.


Check google. They should have most of the answers you’re looking for.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Think about this first of all,

The dick will seem heavier like carrying around a heavy-wooden bat opposed to your gains from doing PE.

Second of all ,

Your sensations might be decreased.

Third of all,

There is a limit of gain for each operation and then you have to repeat the operation if you want some more gains after that.

I am just throwing some ideas out there for the hell of it so that others can comment on them and might give you their own opinions along these lines as well.

Good Luck. BTW, if you going the sugery route Dr. Whitehead is one of the more expensive ones but he is also the head of the allophasty surgery.

I had it (alloderm - 6 sheets).

No desensitization.

Wooden bat? Huh? Have you had the surgery? If not, what are you basing this on?

Future procedures … Yeah, so? You also have to keep PEing to get more gains, too. The surgery is instant (except for the sucky 6 weeks recovery which was no fun - painful boners!)

spankman….what was the price? Do you have unexpected lumps, or is it smooth looking?

thanks for the reply


Nice to hear from you. ..

First off, alloderm is essentially dead tissue that they take off dead people and they freeze it and preserve it.

In some cases, some doctors will use the tissue off your ass as another tissue but that is not called alloderm.

Now follow my logic, In PE the girth gains we experienced are caused by two things , some of it is caused by actually tissue being created , but the majority of it is caused because the CC is expanded to incoporate more blood in the cavities. In the surgery however you experience those same girth gains with dead tissues..

Now tell me, Which is more heavier pound for pound …blood or dead tissues ? Which penis is more flexible and can suit more positions , perhaps a blood-majority-filled one ?

Now may I also add, when that dead tissue is incorporated into your penis, no nerves actually ever grow into it . That is right, there is no sensation that you will feel coming from the incorporated tissue.

Perhaps, you might not have notice the ‘heavy-bat-effect’ , I have talked to some when this surgery was new and perhaps they have make some improvements to it. But perhaps maybe you have noticed a reduced erection level , or does the penis still hang straight out ? Do you ever notice , erection strength decreasing ?

If you are intersted in the surgery, I have to also remind you, once you do the surgery is is irreversible once after six months and the tissue becomes incorporated into your penis.Also in the above , I didn’t exactly say that it will automatically cause penis desensitization, I said that there is a possibility for that occuring. Ever doctor will tell you that just in case he accidently cuts one of your nerves, he can save his own ass from ligitation.

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