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Girth Surgery pipeline


Yes, she gone to a medical doctor.

But the problem is not about impurities but came from the nature of material: it enter inside the tissue, and it’s impossible, after, extract it.

In Italy it’s absolutely forbidden install liquid sylicone or gel at all. Though, some medical doctor and his client (transvestite or transexual), use it still, because it’s chip and simple to put it.

But damage are PERMANENT!!


I’m not expert on Italian law or culture, but I’d have reservations on any doctor who breaks the law. Substituting industrial-grade silicone, for example, would certainly have health repercussions.

I feel genuinely sorry for your friend and for any other patients that this doctor has endangered; I feel though that there’s probably a reason for your friend’s complications that has to do with the way the procedure was performed.

I don’t want be polemic. It’s not my interesting and should be boring for who read this post.

I’m sure what I write. If you want , you can read what food and drug administration (USA, and not Italian Institute) say about LIQUID SILICON (and not breast or other kind of close prothesis). :)



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