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girth is starting to piss me off

girth is starting to piss me off

So I have gained over 2 1/2 inches in length in 9 months. SHOCKING! However, my girth is harder to gain. I am 5.5 inches in girth (7.8 inches in length). I have jelqed for 2 years and I went a long time (1 1/2 years) without taking a week long break. I think I might have made my penis too tough to gain girth. I have tried to decondition it and went 2 months without any girth exercise. I went back to jelqing a month ago and incorporated intense girth exercises (horse 440’s, ulis, etc.) I get a good pump when I jelq and I measure 6 inches in girth when I am doing the uli’s and horse 440’s, however when I jack off my penis needs to be uli’s to get to 5.75 inches, and I have remained at 5.5 inches of girth without the uli’s incorporated. I have worked hard and tried different routines to get results, but no go. My flaccid girth looks good, and it feels and looks thicker, but doesn’t measure thicker. I need that extra .3 inches of girth. I guess my main question is what is the best girth routine? 1 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off,etc. I also wonder how long one has to stay with a routine before they realize it’s not working. I have tried so many things, I don’t know what to do.

Try some cable clamps to constrict yourself. Do these 2 on 1 off or 3 on 1 off for a couple weeks. Do something like this:

10 minutes warm up regular jelq
10 minutes clamped
5 minutes jelq
10 minutes clamped

Then bump up the clamp time as you see fit. This has been working good for me so far.

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