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Girth in Clamp vs Erect Girth- Need Corollary


It really depends on how you apply your wrap, and your clamp. If my technique is off, I may only get an initial .25 inches of expansion. However, I typically get .5 inches of expansion if I wrap the right away, along with another 1/8 of an inch after a couple sets.

At the moment I can expand to 6 1/8, and my resting girth is 5.5.

Hey Mick,

I actually kept my routine to about 2 on or 3 on and 1 off. I only did two to three 10 minute sessions. I’m now going to 12-15 min sessions. I also do some squeezes with it and they feel/look great :) . This is gonna sound kind of like b.s. but my base has increased an insane amount. When I wasn’t clamping I was lucky if I could get near 5” EG, when I clamp I have actually hit 6” at my base. I also have a baseball bat type of shape when erect. At my circ scar I get about a 5.5” measurement EG and I’m just a big over 5.25” not clamped. Over all it seems as though it has been helping the lower half of my penis the most especially squeezes from the top of the head. I actually love the baseball bat look, but for girls I’d prefer to be thicker toward the bottom.

On a side note I never actually let more blood in until I finish my session and kegel some/light dry jelq. I’m going to start letting more blood in throughout my work out b/c I get so hard sometimes I can feel a lot of pressure trying to get in but it can’t. I think I can get a better expansion letting blood in every 5 minutes or so.


Thanks footeddie. I actually seem to increase a little bit more at the base which I also like because I have a little bit of a baseball bat. Not really too much at all, but a little, and I wouldn’t mind having completely constant girth. I think part of the reason why I gain more at the base though is just one gigantic vein which stick out alot.

With respect to letting more blood in during your sessions I would definitely do that. That seems to be the key for my clamping actually. If I don’t do so then my erection will go down a bunch. For some reason pushing the clamp into your pubic bone while kegeling really lets blood in well. I just did a session today with a new wrap and got some pretty insane pressure while doing so since I could clamp tighter due to the new wrap. I also increase my clamped girth a little bit probably mostly due to the new wrap.


By letting blood in every five minutes you mean just loosen the clamp and kegel or what?

Thanks PD.

Well today I used some of the advice and got the best expansion I’ve had.. I’m going to start measuring my expansion all the time now so I know if I should push it a little more or not.

Thanks guys.

What ru using for a wrap currently Mick? I think my wrap (the end of a sock) is holding me back a bit. Right now I’m trying just some ace bandage which i use for hanging and is a bit irritating :/.

My expansion in the clamp is about 3/8th’s of an inch, from 5 and 1/8th to 5 and 1/2. Guys that have huge amount of expansion, could this just be a greater tendency for fluid build up under the skin?

Horny Bastard


I would say that at the base there could be some build up of fluid (very little) but on the shaft and at the top it is hard as a rock. Where are you measuring your expansion?

Hey footeddie,

I use a wrist band, like one you would wear while playing sports. It works perfectly.


I have clamped off and on for a couple of years and there can be substantial fluid buildup especially the longer you clamp in a single session. I pumped for 6 or 7 years before I learned about clamping and there is a huge amount of fluid buildup with pumping as some of you probably know. The difference I found with clamping is that when you stop after a session your penis doesn’t shrink to the freaky shapes that you get after a long session of pumping. This leads me to believe that clamping is much more effective in enlarging the chambers and that you are getting actual penile expansion instead of so much fluid buildup. But the extreme fluid buildup can still be there, hence the huge difference some of you are getting between clamped and erect sizes.

Also when I am clamping regularly my erections are much thicker even days later. With pumping it is back to normal in 12-15 hrs.

Originally Posted by all4show

I would say that at the base there could be some build up of fluid (very little) but on the shaft and at the top it is hard as a rock. Where are you measuring your expansion?

I measure at the circ line. I agree that it seems hard as a rock, for me, but I saw a picture someone posted, clamped, where the top half of his dick basically looked like a bubble from all the fluid. That is why I asked, for guys who say they expand an inch for example, if it truly is tunica expansion, or fluid. If it is true tunica expansion, then they definitely have different elastic properties of the tunica compared to me, as I am quite certain I would explode before I could supply enough pressure to expand that much.

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by Peter Dick
If you don’t get a big increase in the clamp, you will not increase your girth in my opinion.
My normal girth is 6.5”, but I measured 7.5” yesterday while clamping.
I didn’t get great results until I started to do bends and squeezes while clamping.
It took me several months of clamping before I could get this kind of expansion. You have to work your way up to it.


Interesting observations, but bends, and in particular squeezes during clamping sets H U R T …
My skin is so sore when clamping and after.
Maybe add another clamp and then a third or fourth? Or maybe it’s just a question of working up to it?


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I agree, it seems like that that much expansion would have to be fluid and I think centered at the base.

The only exception would be based on xenolith’s explanation and also measuring an ellipse (rather than a smaller circle) at the base is easy to do.


After 2 year of clamping what do you see for results?

Frankly I have not written this before, but I really started clamping after Aristocane’s post. I tried it before and it seem like it would work but Big Girtha turned me off to it. He is a huge proponent of clamping, but his time dedication is not a reality for most people.

It seem that with clamping a steady progression is possible once one figures out how to gain, so progress should be at a somewhat constant rate? Did you experience this?


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