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Girth idea


Girth idea

I’ve been trying to work on girth only cause mine sucks at only 4.5.

What I do now is intense dry jelqs with a tight cock ring on at the base and boy does it pump up my shaft. I slip on the ring and do a few jelqs and i’ve already gained 1/2 an inch. After another 20 minutes I’ll be up to 5.5, an inch thicker! I’ve even gotten as high as 5.75. First time i did this, I couldn’t believe how thick I got it kinda scared me.

Maybe I’m doing it too intense. Anyway, after I got into this routine for a few days, some of the girth I gained from one night would stay all the way until the next night. I went on vacation for a week and was unable to do the exercises and it took about 3-4 days for my girth to finally come back down to 4.5. If I can keep this up, I’m sure it will be a great way to gain girth. I recommend this to other people. Make sure the ring is tight.

Warning: getting the ring off after the exercise can be quite difficult and sometimes painful.


I use the same technique but wrap the base and use a cable clamp, this way you can unsnap without damaging yourself. I am making steady gains with this, although it is probably not as tight as a cock ring

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle!

Not that I am telling you not to do this, but I just want to advise you to be very very careful. I was also in the routine of doing similiar dry jelqs and I sustained an injury that held me back a couple of months.

The main thing with this is, don’t overdo it. Of course at the time when you are doing the routine, you’d think you are having a great session and might as well prolong it a bit, but you could feel the damage the next day.

Take care.

Definitely getting bigger.

Holy shit.

You went from 4.5 to 5.75” just using a cock ring and jelqing.

I am currently 5.1” girth around, and even if I do a HOLD which is almost equivalent to using a cockring I imagine, I MIGHT get to like 5.5 if I am lucky,but to go 1.25” around larger. Thats crazy.

You must got an expandable cock :)

Check out my routine

Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


Do you have the cock ring behind your balls, or just at the base of the shaft in front of youe balls?

I wrap at the base with the mag-wrap, cable clamp off a Uli and use the power jelq sideways between hanging sets. Caution, not for newbies.

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I’ve got the same girth as you, can you gimmie any more details?? What size ring is it? Jelqing hard or light?? etc.. thanks.

The ring is at the base of the shaft not around the balls. sometimes I slide it up a little to increase the pressure on the middle and upper part of the penis. For my 4.5 girth, I use a 1.25 inch rubber ring. Gets very tight once I get engorged and do a few jelqs. I jelq hard and when I’m fully erect. I’ll jelq hard like this for about a min, take about a min break then do it again. Gradually the penis really starts to expand. Be careful with this. I have experienced some uneveness when my girth gets to almost an inch bigger, like one side will be a little more pumped up. I wouldn’t want this to become permanent, so I wonder what causes the “bumpiness.”

Holy cow, dude! Sounds like your dick is a human skin balloon. Keep up the good jelqing, but as stated above, be careful!

Cool, I’ll have to try and see how it works. Thanks

I will try this girth variation, Thank’s

I don’t think this is a newbie exercise. Just be very careful not to over do it.

Yeah, I love cock rings, I also used them with exercises, now I only use them during sex and sometimes during masturbation.

I had a small injury, but my cock is the part that seems to be doing the most thinking around here, so continuing those workouts could be compared to hitting your head to brick-wall.

I used cock ring during horse 440, a stupid move, but damn did my warrior look great after those.

Looking to be a kiwi.

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