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girth: how to target specific areas?

girth: how to target specific areas?

PE has given me an hourglass shaped dick! The top of my shaft (near the head) is about 5.5+ inches from jelqing. The base is about 5 from hanging. But midshaft is still the same skinny girth at 4.5 inches! I’ve had to stop jelqing altogether because it was only exaggerating my hourglass shape.

I tried squeezing the top of my shaft while tourniqueting the base with my other hand (to expand the midshaft), but for some reason, this seems to only enlarge my head.

Any help appreciated.



The horse squeeze requires the top pressure over the head, have you tried this yet?

It sounds like in your case the area from the base up to the gland should be the target area. If need be separate the this area into two sections and do a little overlap first hitting the lower half then the upper section.

BTW how long have you been hanging? My experience has shown an increased in the girth at the base not a decreased . I’m 1/2 inck thicker at the base up a couple of inches due to the hanging.

For me the increased in the gland area is from performing Uli’s, the mid section from squeezes and the base thickness due to heavy hanging.

I perform the horse squeeze when 70% or so erect, then Squeeze down at the base with an OK grip followed by inconjunction with squeezing the blood out of my dick head with the other hand. The combination of these two actions causes the mid portion of my penis to “swell” up nice and fat adding an instance 1/2 of girth after 10 minutes or so.

I’m doing sets of 10 holding each “rep” about 5 seconds.

As alway I’m using how I feel as a guide and always under doing it rather than risk injury.

Keep in mind, as you progress toward your size goal whatever that maybe, Your dick will take on many different shapes and sizes along the way.

It’s kinda like sending a rocket to the moon. While the space ship ultimately gets there the course it travels is anything but a straigth line. It zigs and zags all the way to it’s final destination

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