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Girth Hands Down More Important Than Length

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
I began with 6” girth (I only want length from PE), and most girls thought it was *huge*.


Stats: 5/9/05 BPL:7.1x5.8

Ultimate Goal: 8.5x6.5 (ideal)

Regarding effective ways to gain girth, I started with a fairly thin penis, I don’t know how thin it was but it was definitely no bigger than 4.5” girth. It was probably more like 4” or 4.25”. When I first started I didn’t really understand how to measure girth. It may have been 3.5” for all I know. I do slow, dry combo jelqs/stretchs combined with bending my knees as soon I have just finished pulling my penis all the way away from me. This seems to pull it just an extra bit further. I also tend to bend my shaft a bit holding it close to the head, but this is more to try to correct a bend in my shaft I don’t like… but it might be significant. Also I only PE once a week so it’s a really easy routine. I am now over 5” girth doing only this and my veins are truly enourmous and you can see them even when I’m flaccid, but when I’m erect and especially in the shower they look like two pieces of baker’s string put together, i guess is a good comparison.

After re-reading my last post I thought maybe I should clarify.

When I first started PE, I decided to buck a lot of the information on thundersplace in favor of my knowledge of weightlifting. This does not mean I did not read thundersplace and gain a lot of knowledge; I just tended to do things very differently from what’s commonly suggested.

The first exercise I experimented with was pulling my foreskin all the way down my shaft until it caused my head to be extremely taut and point down toward my feet. After awhile this caused so much tension that I snapped the thready piece of skin connecting my foreskin from the underside of my shaft to the head of my penis. I forget what the technical term is for this piece of skin. After this thing was snapped I noticed I started having lots of orgasms during masterbation.

After that, I started doing dry jelqs. For the first few times, this worked pretty well and I started doing dry erect jelqs pretty quickly… and the size of my girth especially at the head was scary huge. The “permanent gains” from this was pretty small.

Then I decided to take a break from jelqing because it took too much constant pressure and effort from my arms. Plus I would do it about every other day and for me that’s not fun at all. I’d rather be masterbating. I decided to try manual stretching to see if it was any easier and what the results would be from this compared to dry erect jelqs.

With manual stretching I noticed moderate success but after awhile it seemed like not much was getting done, and much like jelqing, this required too much free time to effectively accomplish. I could only do it once every two or really usually three days.

Needless to say I didn’t plan on stopping PE entirely. I hashed out a new gameplan. I started reading about resting days on thundersplace and most threads seemed to suggest you had to do at least 5 days on 2 days off. I balked at this suggestion and challenged it. I knew from weightlifting that I would only work one muscle group every 5 days and I had become a massively muscled freak. It made too much sense for me to do the same thing with PE. So I decided I would devise a routine based on once a week PE training.

My plan was based on a few basic principles: (1) the belief my penis needed lots of time to recover (2) the belief that I had to somehow exert more blood pressure into the penis while stretching than I had previously (3) the belief that I should train and stretch three parts of my body: stomach, groin, hip.

For principle 1, I took a bit of a gamble and went against health advice given at Thunders to be aware of burst veins. I was not concerned about getting a thrombosed vein because I felt, giving my penis one day on, six days off, if I did burst a vein it would be mostly healed by the next time I PE’ed. I also had the belief that the vein would grow back larger and end up supplying more blood to the penis.

For principle 2, I decided that pure jelqing was somewhat pointless. While I believed pure jelqing yeilded permanent gains for those who performed it, I also believed it was unnecessary to “pure” jelq. For one, it was a lot of unnecessary effort in my eyes. I wasn’t sure which was getting a better exercise — my forearms or my penis. For two, the “pure” jelq seemed to only target girth really well and length very little (or for me not at all). On the other hand, manual stretching improved my length but did nothing for my girth. I believed that manual stretching would eventually transform my penis into a 12” horsecock if I kept doing it long enough, but again, I thought it was somewhat pointless.

That’s when I decided to combine the strengths of both of these exercises for one fast and efficient exercise.

For principle 3, I felt it would improve sexual encounters a great deal and make my penis look a great deal bigger if I had no fatpad. I also felt that if I had “The Penis Line” along my hips/lower abs, it would drive women nuts. One of my female friends in high school told me that through lots of girls lockerroom gossip the girls agreed it was the sexiest thing a man could have, and that combined with a great buttox they would have an orgasm just looking at such a guy naked. She also said that the more meat-cut defined “The Penis Line” was the better, almost to the point that the Line was it’s own muscle group, an extra set of abs… an “8” pack. And she said it had to be cut and there was no feigning a sexy “Penis Line.” When I asked her what made this feature so sexy on a man and why they called it the Penis Line, she said something to the effect of “I guess because the Line looks like it’s two rivers starting at the hip and pointing it’s way down to the guys Penis and they basically both meet at the Penis.” Those weren’t her exact words but very close to it.

Another reason I devoted time to developing “The Line” is because not many guys have it, even the ones hung like horses. And I was already built muscularly. But on top of that, I felt that if the rest of thundersplace was devoting lots of time to stretching their penis, I could use my leftover exercising time I did not use on stretching my penis and put it towards The Line.

Finally, what I decided to do with my penis routine. I decided that if I started with an “ok” symbol up by my balls and pulled it downwards and stretched my penis towards the floor while standing up, and then getting to the point i couldnt stretch it further, and then leaning the penis against the side of my leg and bending the head away from the leg it was leaned against, that if I bent my knees I could pull a lot harder on my penis and my penis would stretch a lot more. I would hold it down there for about 5 seconds or so, maybe as many as 10. I also noticed that if I repeated this motion about twice with one hand, that if I left go of my penis the blood wouldn’t rush back out of my shaft. So I could easily switch hands without having to rush like a jelqist might. I would then switch hands and this time my left hand would be putting my cock stretched long against my right leg and I would bend my knees again to get that extra stretch. After about 30 of these with each hand my penis was pumped and looked longer and a lot thicker. Usually on the last few motions of this routine my penis is pretty much erect but still bendable. So it’s pretty much 90% erect. Often times I would burst veins doing this but because I would only PE once a week my penis would heal visually from the burst in about a day so I figured by the 7th day it had to be healed internally. I also noticed when I burst a vein that vein got much bigger.

That’s how I developed my routine. I’ve been doing this routine for about 3 months now, once a week, which is only about 12 sessions, and I’ve gained about atleast half an inch possibly upto a full inch of girth. Again I didnt do a good job measuring when I first started, but I am on a good day 5.5” girth now and usually about 5.25” girth

The ‘penis line’ is when the penis is lying horizontally? Got a pic?


No, it’s not when the penis is lying horizontally. Well, REALLY, I don’t even know what you mean actually… It’s where your hip and abs sort’ve meet and you just got this “wham” super-cut up region like you are made of robotic parts, and it just travels down or points down to your inner groin sort’ve. Needless to say it just draws ones eyes down toward the penis. It’s like a magnet.

Oh, it’s not not about how the penis is positioned but how your abs are cut when you have virtually no fat…?


You don’t really have to have virtually no fat. Virtually no fat would be like 3% body fat and that’s simply not necessary.

I would like women to have an orgasm just by looking at me too! Hehe :) Who has this penis line and where can I see it, because I haven’t got a clear picture of it. How is it developed, just by reducing fat? As far as I know, we can’t reshape our abs.


Is the “penis line” formed by the two sides of the rectus abdominus muscle (front six-pack) as they attach to the pubic bone?

Is it formed by the two sides of the abdominal obliques? From your friend’s description, I’d vote for the obliques.

I agree that a picture is needed.

Originally Posted by thirdrock
The first exercise I experimented with was pulling my foreskin all the way down my shaft until it caused my head to be extremely taut and point down toward my feet. After awhile this caused so much tension that I snapped the thready piece of skin connecting my foreskin from the underside of my shaft to the head of my penis. I forget what the technical term is for this piece of skin.

Holy shit! You can break that skin? I bet that hurt like hell…

Stats: 5/9/05 BPL:7.1x5.8

Ultimate Goal: 8.5x6.5 (ideal)

Are you saying you ripped your frenulum? Damn! seems that would take longer than a week to heal.


Are you talking about that v shaped cut of the lower abdomen? I never thought much of the super defined look down there, and would never have guessed that women liked it.


This is what he’s talking about, I think. Bad lighting, but you can make out the “penis line” somewhat. I think girls are into it *if* the guy has big muscles around the area contrasting with the “cut” — not the case in this example.

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Go to the power-jelq website and check out the demonstration pics and you will see the penis line very clearly on a very muscular body

It can vary of choosing over girth and lenght, in your case , you can focus only in your girth if you want, cause you got already the lenght, but for me I think the first objective must be the lenght.


BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)


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