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Girth gains


Girth gains

Yesterday I engaged in quite a lengthy PE session that left my unit feeling well worked. It consisted of about 30 mins of stretching and about 1.5 hours of dry jelqing/Ulis. Upon measuring my unit after the workout, I noticed that my girth was a solid 5.625” midshaft. I’ve done this before, although in no regular pattern. I find it very easy to veg, watch a movie or something, and PE for extended periods.

I understand that one’s dick will always be larger directly after the workout, but the fact that it is now reading 5.625” and was maximized at 5.5” before means that there have been gains. With a little kegal and a constriction of my lower shaft, I can easily get to 5.625” during erection, indication that this girth is not far off at all.

The first 30mins consisted of Ulis/dry jelqs that made me feel as though my dick was going to explode with pressure. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL, I KNOW MY LIMITS SO I AVOID INJURY. The point is that I feel a good outward pressure. The last hour is the same thing, but with a lower amount of discomfort. It’s almost like keeping myself slightly beyond max erection for an hour, and still letting the blood circulate. Perhaps I’m cementing the miniscule gains obtained during the PE session.

For any that are trying to gain girth, extended sessions like these may be the ‘trick’ to get you over your plateau; time and pressure…. Meanwhile, I begin to focus my sight on the XLs!

Good luck,


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Back into PE after 3 year pause

>For any that are trying to gain girth, extended sessions like these may be the ‘trick’ to get you over your plateau; time and pressure

Man, I hope so. I’ve been putting in the time lately. 2 pump sessions everyday, plenty of Ulis, a few extreme Ulis, edging while wearing a cock ring, plus wrapping. Counting everything, I’m doing some kind of PE for probably 6-8 hours per day, spread out of course.

No rest. I’m trying to stay expanded. The longest break I get is 8 hours or so overnight. Otherwise, after my ~3 hour morning session I try to do something for girth at least every 2 hours, usually much more often. I’ve been taking a break in the afternoon for several hours to allow fluid to dissipate. By the end of the day my dick is tired and sore, particularly the ends of the CC’s. It is mostly recovered by morning.

This is a tough routine. I’ve been at it 2 weeks. In the beginning I got a lot of fluid - up to 7/8” over my normal girth while wrapped. As time goes on I’m building less fluid, but still getting good internal expansion.

I hope so too. I did a 3 hour routine yesterday and plan on another, more intensive, routine today. I hit my first plateau and I’m pretty pissed about it.

Keep in mind, with exercises like jelqs, the more of them you do in a session the more fluid buildup under the skin you will tend to get. It would not take much fluid build up…in fact it may not look like you have any to get more swollen than usual.


Good lawd, that’s a lot of PE! Just do me a favour and please be careful. The old saying goes: too much of a good thing isn’t good anymore. So don’t hurt yourself on your path to thick dickliness.

With that type of exercise I’m convinced you’ll hit your goal. Time and pressure, man.. Time and pressure.


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

I’ll be careful. I’ve done more intense girth routines before (such as bending during extreme Ulis), which didn’t produce results. Intense didn’t work for me. Very frequent, or long duration, light to moderate exercise may be the ticket.

It works with hanging. Most guys who have committed to long hours of hanging every day have made good progress. Girth shouldn’t be any different.

Discoloration problems???

Hey guys, don’t any of you get any serious discoloration or darkening of your member when doing that vast amount of girth exercises for that lenght of time??? I was on a serious routine of doing some squeezes, bends, and ulis for 30 minutes, 5 days out of the week and my skin always stayed discolored. I always used a rice sock before and after my exercises and my member still seemed to glow. My wife made a comment as to the color of my dick one day and I decided to lay off the girth exercises for awhile and see if my color toned down. (I haven’t told her anything about me PEing yet although she as made many comments as to how I feel to her now :) ) I just recently started hanging with my new BiB Starter, which is a WONDERFUL product might I add, and I want to see if that will not be as prone to cause me as much discoloration as I got when doing my girth exercises.


hobby et al,

One thing I have learned through my pumping experiences is that if you incorporate a lot of pumping into your daily routines, you MUST take some rest days for the overall gains to become permanent. Otherwise, there is a tendency for your dick to become not as responsive to pumping effects and less responsive in general to all of the other PE routines. There is RECOVERY and then there is SOLID RECOVERY. I learned this through months/years of trial and error.

I will always do some kind of pumping, and I continue to experience the positive results it has on my making even more girth gains - over 2” and still growing. But resting my dick is an essential part of the success factor.

I know how hard it is to pull back your effort, when it seems you are on a PE roll. It becomes addictive. I’ve been there! But in the long run, you are hindering more immediate successes.

Try taking a break from pumping for at least two days, then tell me your dick doesn’t seem thicker and healthier both flaccid and erect. The rest and some light massage will also help with reducing the discoloration effects.


I got some long-lasting discoloration long ago from doing 2-handed squeezes (basically Horse squeezes). I didn’t know then that it is important to allow some skin slack. Squeezing hard against tight skin can produce dark blotches. Red spots —> keep pushing ahead —> bigger purple blotches —> keep going for days/weeks without letting it completely clear —> “permanent” discoloration. This happened over a month or two.

My new routine has caused some skin darkening, though nothing like before. I’m not concerned yet. I know it will clear with time off. Some color change, at least temporary, is unavoidable.

Some guys are more prone to discoloration than others. Generally, squeezes are more apt to cause it than hanging. You’ll just have to try and see what happens.

Thanks for the reply, hobby. I will definitely take it easy on the squeezes for awhile. Plus, you were right, I had been squeezing while or with tight skin.

Oh, well. You live and you learn, HOPEFULLY! :) .


Due to lack of privacy I didn’t pump today. I wrapped for a few hours and did some squeezing. Will do another easy session or two later. It’s a day off. :)

How does pumping every day differ from wrapping for girth every day, or doing extreme Ulis? IIRC, Bib didn’t take many days off when he worked on girth. I realize the common wisdom here is that girth requires more rest than length. I’m not so sure. Why should it? Maybe the most progress comes from either more rest or very frequent work, the middleground being less productive.

Perhaps there are two different approaches, rest being important to one yet detrimental to the other.

In one case, a guy gets good expansion, then completely or almost completely recovers before expanding again. This allows the erection mechanism and whatever else (?) time to perk up to 100% and gives at least the appearance of a better subsequent workout. Depending on the particular exercises and PE methods, perhaps actually a better workout.

In approach #2, the goal is to keep the tissues expanded. Rest is only indicated when required (diminished erections, too sore to continue, etc.), and even then complete rest should be avoided. If possible, ease up instead of taking a break, but do not allow the tissues to fully recover or you’ll be back at square one. Actually not even there because the tissue will be tougher than when you first began.

I’m trying #2. No mercy. Well, little mercy. What I’m doing is the same for girth as a hanger does for length. Ideally, he wants to reach fatigue and continue hanging while fatigued - even wearing an ADS to prevent the stretched tissue from contracting. Rest no more than necessary. Don’t let the tissues contract or completely recover.

Re: Discoloration problems???

Originally posted by XXX-Man
Hey guys, don't any of you get any serious discoloration or darkening of your member when doing that vast amount of girth exercises for that lenght of time???

Seen my pics?? LOL. I dont mind the discoloration.

Re: Re: Discoloration problems???

Originally posted by Stillwantmore
Seen my pics?? LOL. I dont mind the discoloration.

Yeah Still, I’ve seen your pics, but it doesn’t look like to me that you have full discoloration across your shaft like I do. It only looks like you are a little discolored close to your glans, or maybe I may just be looking at the wrong picture.

I hear that :) I love a good long jelq session. How do you grip your dry jelqs? OK grip or do you use the thumb and index fingers of each hand pressing down on each chamber of your CC?

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