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Girth Gains & Permanence (Are Girth Gains Really Only Temporary?)


The problem with measuring girth is that it can be so variable. I think a good approach would be to reach a place where you are happy, then just do girth maintenance like 2x a week minimum.

I noticed the same thing with variable girth measurements. I vary +/- 1/8” depending on my erection quality.

I actually notice that my girth is larger the day after a workout session as opposed to the night of a workout session. I feel that this is bit odd, but then again, I do not get much fluid buildup.

I also agree with the poster that said pump gains are not permanent. However, I feel that when pumping is combined with manual exercises, it will give you permanent resuls in time.

I started 6.25x5.50 in two years of PE I went to 7.75x6.25(6.75 base)… I stoped doing for two years and went back to 7x5.75(6 base)… Same times I jelq and my unit get to 7.25x6.0(6.5 base) - I loose half of the gain in 12 hours, 2/3 in 24 hours and all in 48 yours.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan

I’ve gone from 5.1” to 6.2” EG. The latter was my all time max. Now, after having completely ignored girth for several months and never having really cemented my gains, I’m still between 5.8 and 6.0.

Conclusion: Most of my girth gains have been permanent, even with very little effort spent cementing.

Modesto— you seem to have a pretty clear method for or idea of how to cement length gains. Is it any different to your standard girth routine? or maybe something similar to SilentRob’s conclusion:

Originally Posted by SilentRob

So, I suppose the moral of the story might be to get to a girth you’re satisfied with, then ease off it for a while. If some of the progress disappears, then get back to work, make your way to a girth larger than what you consider ideal, then taper off, and allow it to settle at the ideal. Agreed?

The above (SilentRob’s conclusion) is basically how I’m going to monitor my length gains with a view to eventually cementing (I’m recording my rate of retraction on my gains graph), but I’d be interested in hearing theories/ideas for permanent and/or cemented girth gains. Personally, when it comes to girth, I’ve only ever tested the methods; I’ve not maintained a committed girth routine.

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I felt this thread was worth resurrecting as it has some good feedback and the question is still very relevant. When you guys take extended breaks how much girth do you lose?

I may lose a slight bit (1/8”) in the first few weeks, but after that it seems to be permanent. If it weren’t permanent I don’t think I’d bother.

How much have you gained Mick?

I honestly hope that holds true for me, its disheartening watching big gainers such as Clubber, Longvehicle, Wadzilla (granted his took a while), and others lose big girth gains after quitting or breaking from PE.

In total I’ve gained about 0.75” of girth midshaft (working on the last 0.25” now), and at least 1” of base girth… maybe more (1.25” or possibly even 1.5”).

All of my gains came in intervals from different things. First I gained 0.25” (this is all midshaft girth I’m talking), then another 0.25”, then 0.125”, and just recently another 0.125”… this is over a period of maybe six years or so I think.

I don’t remember the exact details of how long I took off between gains. Sometimes I was trying to gain and it wasn’t working, and sometimes I was just taking a break. At some points I’m sure I took off at least a couple of months.

I am pretty paranoid that I’m gonna lose my gains though even though it’s never happened. I’m gonna keep doing minor PE every day after I’ve reached my goals just in case.

Anyway, all these little bits of gains seem to have cemented for a permanent 0.75” increase (1” increase at base), but who knows what’ll happen.


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