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Girth Experts: fingers sore

Girth Experts: fingers sore

Let me explain,

Basically My routine is I get really hard looking at porn or not and I basically Squeeze the fuck out of my dick with an OK grip starting at the base and going up.

Now I do this for maybe 20 or 30 reps however, I can only squeeze so much after my fingers get really sore and all the squeezing has my fingers going to the bone.

Is there any mechanial way to create that pressure on your dick ?


Yes. But not if you are a newbie, or if your dick gets as sore as your fingers. If the answer to both of these are no go here:

CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

and see what we are talking about on the other channel

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No Nukes

I don’t understand why you are trying so hard to hurt yourself. This is about training and exercise, not abuse.

Jelqing works best when you are not rock hard, because when your tunica is pliable it can expand and stretch.

If you cause damage by squeezing as hard as you can, you will not gain and more likely stagnate or lose ground.

Move your erection level down to 80-90% and use moderate jelq pressure and then your hands and fingers will last longer and you will get better results.

vanburen: That’s better advice. Listen to gprent. Forget the clamping thread.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Sore or tired?

Thanks , gprent.

Illpo, I would say both.

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