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Girth excersises

Girth excersises

Hi folks, finally got an account here. I wonder as I am 6,8 x 4,4 right now for the moment if you have any girth tips for me… So far I have searched on lots of free webpages, as well as I sent money in an e-mail to BUT they seem to be impossibe to reach, and they have not sent me the account nor been in touch with me at all as a costumer! Feels like throwing away 40$ to the river. Any way, thats not what I asked for =)… For girth, tell if I´m wrong I have found out that these excersises will be good:

1. Jelquing, especially when almost fully erect like 70-80% and quite slow? For how long I wonder, about a quater or so?
2. The Ulis, like you have explained here trapping blood holding one of your hands around the base and there after jelquing to the head with light pressure for head expanding.
3. Like no.2 but you squeeze the dick on several places for expanding…

Okey… I think I´m into stretching and these above written exercises… I firstly saw these PEing as a bluff, but it really works… I looked for it as my girlfriend quite often looses the feeling of haveing me inside if you understand =)


I meant that I mailed the money offcourse :-)

hi mrCow,

how long have you been exercising? if you’ve done it for 3 months or so already, then check out horse440 squeezes, just search for horse440, or horses. these are really amazing for quick girth gains, though after a few weeks or a month of good gains they seem to become less effective.. for me at least.

just please remember they are quite advance, so if you haven’t been working your dick for a while now, you risk getting injured, which sucks big time!

pumping might also help with girth, if you want to consider it.

good luck

Girth exercises

In my experience, dry jelqs are much better than wet jelqs. Head girth gains are amazing.

mrcow nice to meet you,

wow I don’t recognise your description of uli’s :)

If you been jelqing for 2+ months try horse 440’s for girth (see the FAQ) they give a really good gain. Take them easy to start with and be careful you don’t pop anything.

okey =)

I see, but I have only been doing my exercises for 2 1/2 week and I guess that I did jelquing in the wrong technique first week as I was almost totaly flacid… So far I have gained (I think it is much because of my kegels) about 0.8” in lenght… 0.4 of that is probably because of better bloodflow and stronger PC muscle… I say this only to encourage all people to keep on doing these exercises, I am sure it works for everyone…. Just they find their routine etc.

So what is this horse thing? I have heard about it but never found anything… But I´ll look for it now =) … I have not gained any girth yet … hehe… so my dick is quite long and thin… 6,8 (17cm)x 4,4(11cm)

thanks all!

I can understand you want to gain girth but don’t try the advanced exercises uli/horse/sadsak until you have jelqed properly for around 2 months. Jelq at around a 60% erection to maximise growth chances. You need to condition your penis to withstand the pressure of the advanced exercises without injury.

Do your best to read old posts on this forum. There is a lot of information and you will find a lot of your questions have been answered.

Feel free to post any questions but try to use the Newbie Forum to post simple question like this one.

Long term

A lot of young PE “trainees” think that this is something you do for instant results and then quit. Well, that’s not the way it really is. Will all of us be devoting 30-60 or minutes a day to this forever? Probably not…but the sexual health benefits of PC exercises, as well as jelqing and stretching cannot be denied. Many of us yougner folks may go into hiatus as we hit our 30s and 40s, but as age rears its ugly head we may turn back to these old friends to regain our youthful vigor. Several of the wiser members on board have helped address their own sexual health issues with these PE exercises—which is exactly what they are. You don’t give up on physical exericse completely…we probably shouldn’t give up on “PE”, or really, “Penile health” exercises completely either.

Take a long term view—you don’t want to hurt the package. Think in terms of years, not months.


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Goals: 8' NBPEL, 6' EG, 21' NBPSFL


Thanks for all hints, I feel like I needed them… I have followed your recomendations and I guess that´s a good idea… Though I´ve only been PEing for three weeks I have read a lot about everything, routines, exercises and just everything… Like an hour a day as I have a lot of sparetime =) I have looked through almost all posts in the different threads… Anyway… I do one day on one day off as well… Kegels are imortant, I fell that is what have affected me most positivly off all exercises… It will take time, but I was curious if you had some kind of exercise for girth and you posted them nice… Okey, thanks all!


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