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Girth does matter - another story

Girth does matter - another story

This is an experience I had a couple of weeks ago.

I had been doing some hardcore PE for a few days, so I had a bit of plumpness still going on (not just fluid, it was solid size increase) which would have been around about 1/4” additional girth or so, maybe a touch more but definitely not over 1/2”.

When my girlfriend came over for some fun in the sack, she noticed I was pink and swollen. She seemed somewhat concerned (she always thinks I will hurt myself doing PE, actually she is more concerned about my balls since being a woman, the baby batter comes first over even obtaining an enormous wanger, no matter how nonsensical that may seem to me…) but still ready for a good old romp regardless. In fact, I could tell she was somewhat turned on by the new big me.

She loved the additional fatness. During the act she commented more than once about how good it felt and how big I was. She came quite hard. After the peak had subsided, I asked her about it. Of course, in a steady state of mind she denied that it felt better, just “different”. Of course that’s contradictory to what the expression on her face and her vocal comments while “under the influence” had suggested.

“Bad” news extrapolated from all this:
1) Girth matters to a considerable degree.
2) Girls are incapable of simply telling the truth no matter how undeniable the falseness of their claims are, in order not to hurt feelings no matter how frustrating that quality of theirs is.

“Good” news from this:
1) Even a measely 1/4” makes a big difference.
2) Girls care enough about us to lie and make themselves look stupid so that they won’t hurt our feelings about it :)


That would put you at over 9 x 6+ (actually close to 10 x 6+)


I think you are past the “does this feel a little better” stage.

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LOL not quite OHL…

I have embarrassingly lost a bit of girth since my height of PE a few years ago. Down from 5.75 to about 5.5, so I would have been suddenly back at an all time high of 5.75+ just for that one night. Keeping in mind she hasn’t experienced that size before since I stopped gaining and started losing girth about the time we started going out…

As for length, I’ve never gotten quite the whole thing inside her at any point, so I basically ignore it.

An interesting side note is that a few months ago, I pumped for fun and got a large bloat (just fluid buildup that time) and I must have been 6-6.5” around for her. Funny thing is, she did not enjoy that at all, because since the skin was just fat and soft, it filled her up with no pressure, and my penis just slid back and forth inside my swollen skin. People better think about that before they do extreme pumping for a temporary size increase.

Originally Posted by secjay

1) Even a measely 1/4” makes a big difference.


Sparky immediately started looking for his clamp …

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Go for it sparky. I’ve been on a huge extended plateau extending several years which of course totally bites. Getting into the serious clamping soon myself :D

Women can easily tell a .25” increase in girth. My wife commented that I felt bigger last time we did it, so I measured the next day and sure enough, my midshaft girth was up from 5.5 to 5.75”.

My wife is honest. She admits it feels lots better than it used to (“You really jab at it now.”) She says size does matter. (“If any woman says it doesn’t matter, she’s lying.”) She also said she’d let me know when to stop PEing, and keeps track of my stats. (“Don’t worry. I’ll let you know when it’s getting too big.”)

Sometimes her honesty is really nice, because I feel secure that she doesn’t lie just to keep from hurting my feelings, but sometimes it’s annoying, too. Especially if she sees a dick that’s bigger than mine on the internet or in a porno and goes, “Ooh! How big is that one, you think?” I usually say, “Ehh, it’s just the angle.”

Yeah it’s weird huh kong? I can barely tell a 1/4” increase myself, but it made a big difference to her!

My girlfriend is relatively honest in it all, she just cares too much about hurting my feelings I think. Possibly also influenced by the fact that she thinks I will go obsessive and nuts over a hardcore truthful answer, because she knows I already obsess a bit too much over it all.

She does admit size matters, but gets caught in the classic logic trap of a clone of me with a bigger/smaller dick, and all that jazz :) Makes her head explode trying to get out of it and I get answers such as “I wouldn’t want a clone of you, I want you!” and so on, LOL.

I would say there’s a paradox in that we want our women to tell us the unadulterated truth, yet there is some point where we think they are just being whorish! :D We should really make our own minds up!

Poll Mo Women

I don’t think women feel extra length as much as extra girth unless it is a LOT of length. But even 1/4” difference in girth makes a big difference. And I’ve also had two different women say they don’t like the spongy post pump girth as much as the firmer post clamp girth. But only two women’s opinion isn’t very scientific. I think we need to POLL more women for an accurate conclusion.

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Big Girtha - I don’t mind joining you on your quest of polling women :D

Nice story Secjay!

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