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Girth and workout schedule

Girth and workout schedule

I have been pe’ing on and off for a about a year…..I think when I started I was way overworking…jelqing twice a day with no rest….was constantly sore and saw little gains..I stopped for a long time. now I am concentrating on gaining girth…..I have been doing 4 days of intense jelq (30 minutes a day) with one day off. Do you think this is enough rest time or should I take two days off. It doesn’t seem like my penis is completely healed in one day. To me girth is a lot more important…my penis is always pokey because there is a lot of blood flow and not much girth- and women are always talking about girth.

start size

5.9” elpb
4.6” girth

current size

6.5” elpb
4.9” girth

I would like to have a 8x6”. Right now I am just concentrating on the girth..any suggestions on the best way to gain girth. And how to make the head really really big and plump?

By the way anyone out there surf?

Have you tried doing squeezes? I’ve been doing 100%+ erect squeezes lately and they feel great. The head gets so pumped I think it is going to explode. I’ve also been doing mostly-erect jelq which is also supposed to be good for girth. I’ve been doing this for over a month and my erections are harder than they’ve even been in my life. I take two days off per week.

I think for me gaining length would be easier but I really want the girth more than anything. I tried DLD’s blasters the other day and OMFG I could really feel the stretch on the reverse kegals. I could feel the part of my cock that is hidden inside my body stretching. It was almost scary how it felt. I could see why this exersise is producing such great length gains for so many people.

Anyway, I’d try the squeezes for girth and head enlargement if you arn’t doing them already. I find they work best in the middle of a jelq session.


There is no replacement for displacement


Looks like you are on your way to a bigger unit, keep it up!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Just look at the thread DLD supersets for girth, i’m following this routine and it’s really impressive.


Jelqing with the Power-Jelq has gotten me length, but only a shred of girth. Those DLD supersets are a cool idea, but I can only do about 3 of ‘em before my cock is shot, and a half hour has passed. I gotta build up to ‘em.

I usually skip the bends because I can’t seem to get ‘em down. The horse squeezes feel like they’re doing something, but no girth increase yet. Good luck.

Becoming.... Godsize


How long are your strokes? The whole set takes me about 40/45 minutes with 1 horse and one bend of 30 seconds each every 100 jelq.

Don’t hesitate to ask if i could help you.


Each stroke I try to make about three seconds long with a hold at the end for the glans. It seems like the blood, on it’s way to the head, doesn’t really engorge the shaft… it all just goes straight to the head. That’s why I need to do girth squeezes specifically for my shaft thickness. I dunno. Strange?

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Try to do shorter stroke 2seconds are fine , try to stop holding at the end when you did that all the blood that is in your shaft is flowing back if you don’t clamp at the base. Try to add some kegel every 10 strokes if you think you don’t have enough blood in, make a kegel and clamp with your ok grip while you are holding your kegel. The other thing is that when you clamp you are automatically pushing blood trough your shaft and in you head, but you feel it more in the glans than in the shaft because the glans is a softer tissue that you can see expanding easily. Last thing what is your degree of erection when you did the supersets?


Not 100%. Maybe 80%? Enough so that I’ve got a good amount of blood to work with, but not so much that I’m too ridgid to do anything.

Been busting my ass, or should I say dick, for ten months and my gains are pathetic. Been too depressed to even get it hard enough to train lately.

Becoming.... Godsize

I can sense the feeling you have in you last line in your last post Prickle. Don’t see PE as a one month quest. There are no deadline for aybody

Restarting everything.


Between 60 and 90% seems to be fine, for the bends you don’t have to make them like 60 degree, i really think that between 20 and 30 degree it’s ok you don’t have to break it, just to feel that you expand every side.

What was your previous routine and what have you gain?

I really understand how you feel, but even if you decide to stop, i will try to give you all the support i can if you come back or decide to stay


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