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Girlfriend has noticed size increase

Girlfriend has noticed size increase

Well to tell you a little bit about myself I started PE back in late 1998 stopped in late 99 due to an injury- gained 3/4 of an inch length and 1/4 girth puts me at about 6 and 3/4 long erect and 5 and 1/4 girth. I got my injury (lack of sensitivity and discoloration ) from excessive jelging and hanging. Even went to a Dr and was told that given time it would heal . Took about three months and it did. Now after 3 years I am back and have been doing JAI and light jelqing for two weeks. After my layoff my last recent measurements where 6 and 1/2 erect legnth and 5 girth. (lost a little of what I gained) after two weeks however I may have gained again already or at least what I lost. My girlfriend made a comment to me that I felt bigger.She did not know at the time that was practicing PE so I just commented that maybe she was getting tighter.(she sure did feel tighter) In any event It was sure nice to hear. I am not sure if I gained or not although it does look fatter but I will measure in 3 months or so . I do not frequently measure because it is a slow process and I do not want to get discouraged at not seeing quick results. I have told my girlfriend recently about PE and she thinks it is weird but is all for it if it makes me happier.
( in the end it will make her happier I know even if she does not admit it) thought I would share this little tale of success with everyone to help inspire. Good luck

P.S. If anyone posts a reply and I do not get back to them soon I apologize beforehand.Got alot going on and will reply back when I can.


These are words of encouragement for any PEer. We all like our efforts to be recognised by others.


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