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Girl friend contribution!

Girl friend contribution!

You won’t believe it, I’ve learned my gf how to jelq my dick!

She new I was doing some “new exercises” down there and was so curious do see me do them. Amazingly she was totally turned on when she saw me and immediately told me “let me do that.”

Remarkably, she can feel my dick and perform the best jelking always applying the right pressure. Needless to say that I’m performing on a very hard dick. As I told you earlier, I’ve integrated PE into my masturbation habits and it’s very enjoyable. My dry jelqs are done very carefully on a very hard dick until I feel I’ve had enough stimulation or want to turn to something else, if you see what I mean. I’m not a frantic PEer even though a PE on a daily basis. Imagine I gain 1 inch in length and half of that in girth every 5 year…

I’m also working of multiple orgasms and overall control with nice results so far. I think that PE can be part of a general sexual enhancement program.

Add fun to your PE.

That is way cool!

I often thought about that. Also it means you can have sex with her after she gets you real pumped up!

Yes, exactly.

I wonder why so many PErs are so serious about their dick. Why not enjoying PE and integrating it to one’s sexuality. I also think that their is no reason to rush as there’s plenty of time left for growing one’s dick. It is as if most people here were trying to become experienced bodybuilders within a year. Why not training regularly and gently in order to get slow but long lasting results with very limited risks? 1 inch in length and half of that in girth in 5 year is OK with me.

As a matter of fact, in working on the control which is actually and easy task and the multiple orgasm stuff. There many aspects about sexual enhancement that could be worked out.

Wow cool, so this is like the powerjelq?

Where can I get this “girl friend”? Some url you can point me to?

How much did you pay, how much is maintance for “girl friend”?

You have to use lotion with “girl friend”?

How long can it go without stopping?

“girl friend” can do hanging too?

What about girthexercies? “Girl friend” know out of the box or you have to teach her? You can buy memory where you can put in memoryslot, like in playstation? IE you buy DLD, ULIĀ“s excerices in memoryformat then u put in slot?

How is the quality? Worth the money?

Any guarantee, if doesnt work, money back?


PE is a game, not a punishement

come on, if you knew my routine you wouldn’t react like that. I only do very simple one hand dry jelk on a hard dick. To me, it’s kind of a masturbation. My GF is intelligent enough to squeeze a dick, you know. And you would be amazed to see how much she knows about dicks, man. For instance, she can make a dick really hard with her mouth, can you?


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