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Getting Started

Getting Started

My wife went to a friend’s bacholette party and they played one of those ‘ridicule men’ games. One of the questions she was asked was “Would you prefer your husband/boyfriend was 1. Bigger 2. Smaller 3. The Same?”

She’d had a few drinks, of course, and she said without hesitation “BIGGER.” Apparently, later on she was nervous that I’d hear about it, so she told me, which I was cool with, because it’s honest.

But - I’m going to do something about it.

About 3 weeks ago I bought some Pro Solution Pills and I’ve been Stretching and Jelqing 5 times/week ever since. Somewhat miraculously, I’ve gone from 6.6” NBPEL X 4.5” Girth to 7.1” NBPEL X 4.75” Girth in that short time.

I know from reading other posts that some people start quickly but reach plateaus quickly too. From that standpoint, I expect to hit a leveling off period soon. Here’s my question:

When I hit that first plateau, should I vary my exercises to continue growth, or am I still too new to go trying fancy moves?

Thanks guys

Sucks that your wife said that, but atleast you’re here and making gains. You’ll have a bigger dick, because of this, but don’t let her know you’re doing PE. She’ll know what she said bothered you, and you’ll seem weak.

Anyways, 3 weeks isn’t long to be doing PE. I’d just stick with stretching and jelqing, but slowly add more time/sets as the weeks go by. After a few months is when I’d start doing advanced exercises.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Hi Craig, welcome to Thunder’s Place!

6.6” (and now 7.1”) NBPEL is far from small. In fact, it’s well into the ‘above average’ range on most surveys. Are you looking to gain more length or girth? Either way, I would recommend continuing your current routine until you hit that famed plateau. I find it’s better to not even think about it until it happens. You know, the whole think positive and positive things will happen idea. I really do believe in that. Anyways, welcome aboard and good luck with PE!

Hey craig 68,

that’s a nice gain you have in three weeks!

I also just started, I start at 7” eh.. non bone pressed ( i do’nt understand those shortterms ….i’m dutch with some poore english) and 5.6 in girth.

So i’m not ‘small’ but i just want to get a little bigger.. approx 8x6 or 8.5x6..

what kind of pills are they? were did you bougt them and what did they cost?

a lot of questions…

greetz! and keep on the good work!

I like to be a little bit bigger

I love to play my guitar!

That’s an impressive gain for 3 weeks.

Yeah, I know I’m not technically “small,” but you know how women are - they think back to that guy they had 10 years ago with a 12 incher who blew their mind, and now 6 or 7” is just ‘average.’ It’s probably just human nature, most guys don’t want their wife secretly fantasizing about Tony the Pony.

My wife is careful about what she says & not lying to me, and I never press for details. I just plain don’t want to know. I know she dated guys bigger than me, and she knows that I dated women younger and prettier than her. That’s life, you know? You can either deal with it, or walk around with a chip on your shoulder.

The difference is, because of PE, I can get bigger. And I wish I would have known that YEARS ago.

Is there a size that would lay all the anxiety to rest? 6.6NBP would be a dream for me to reach. What would be the size where it truly doesn’t matter? If at 6.6 there will still be anxiety, what is the point for people who started out small and are hard gainers. Where is happiness located?

Because my goal is to be happy and relaxed. I haven’t had a happy relationship yet, my small size has gotten in the way. I truly wish size didn’t really matter as it’s usually said. Are there any stories out there of men with 5.5” (my goal) with partners that *truly* don’t want more than that? I need to hear those if they’re out there. They don’t seem common at all, sadly.

Impressive gains. My advice would be to keep your routine until you hit a plateau (a couple of months without gains) then experiment with advanced techniques to go past it.


To stevie31:

I guess I’m like everyone else on this board, I’d like 8X6. Girth is actually my focus right now.

To stratoblaster:

I got the pills after a lot of ‘e-search’ at I know from what other people say that pills don’t do anything by themselves, but supplementally, quality pills are supposed to enhance growth. I’ll take them for another month or so, and then I’ll stop to see what happens. Or doesn’t.

Thanks for the support guys!

I’m using the Pro Solution pills as well, I read of them when a person had a website dedicated to his experiences with the pills. The pills alone don’t do a whole lot, but combined with exercises he saw good gains, so have I and now craig has as well.

Craig, I would stick with your same exercise program you are doing now until the gains slow down. Wait until then to add time/intensity to your routine. Wadzilla has convinced me that most of us up our routine before we really need to and may have been able to get more early gains easier.

started 10/22/2003: BPEL: 5.5" EG: 4.0" 4/12/2004 BPEL: 6.875" EG: 5.2" 30-min exercise workout and pills

You know, 6.6 oughtta be enough, for God’s sake! But it’s probably more about us humans and our vanity, and never being satisfied. There was a time when I was in my late teens, that I didn’t give a damn if a woman orgasmed or not. I mean I DIDN’T CARE.

In my 20s it became an issue when I started getting in serious relationships. I actually had to start working in bed!

Now I’m in my mid 30s, and I still have to bust my @ss to give the little lady what she wants. Only now, I realize that if I can make this thing bigger, I can get a little lazier again, and my 40s will be a breeze!

Seriously though, I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with my size, but I’ll more than likely get tired of obsessing over it. And I’ll tell you right now - 1 to 2 years of PEing, and I’m DONE. I don’t care if it ends up shrinking.

craig68… keep working it fella. Wifey enjoys my bigger dickeroo and yes, I can make her cum quicker now than last year. A 20 to 30 minute grind has become a 10 to 15 minute walk in the park.

Just one inch seems enough for her to say… ok, it’s long enough… whereas last year… she wished it was “just a quarter inch longer.”

I’m a gonna go for more and make her mouth water and pussy melt.

Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...

I got to thinking about your message, and I hope I didn’t come across wrong. What I meant to say is that nearly all men feel inadequate, and probably always will, no matter what their size.

You might think 6.6” is a respectable size, but girth is what they say counts, and my girth is below average. So of the 27 women that I’ve been naked in front of, probably 9 or 10 made a cruel comment or expressed disappointment.

And I’ve had relationships that I KNOW failed because I had a Secret-Size-Queen on my hands.

Now I’m a little on the sensitive side, believe it or not, and I’d NEVER insult a woman about her body, no matter how fat/disgusting/hairy/stinky/scab-covered she might be. But these supposedly sugar and spice sweet little angels have slowly given me a terrible complex about my winkie.

Why do they think this is okay? Who cares. There’s a T-Shirt I’ve seen that says:

Yeah, I’m drunk, but you’re ugly.
In the morning, I’ll be sober.
You’ll still be ugly.

I want to make a T-Shirt that says:

Yeah, I’m small, but you’re a stinky cunt.
After a year of PEing, I’ll be bigger.
You’ll still be a stinky cunt.

Thank God I’ve got a sense of humor about my slightly-longer-than average pencil. I truly believe that impotence is, in large part, a confidence issue. When I get self-conscious about Junior, he tends to get bashful, too.

Good luck man, even if this stuff doesn’t work, it feels good!



By rereading my post , I fear I’m actually the one that may have come out wrong!

I’ve enjoyed reading your posts with your upbeat sense of humour about all of it. And you’re dead on about our insecurities, and how nearly all of us feels inadequate no matter what our ruler measurement is.

I’m glad you’re with us, keep those gains coming!


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