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Getting shiny head

Getting shiny head

I’ve received information that at least one woman thinks dicks are hot when they have a shiny helmet. What kind of exercises might encourage or, conversely, possibly reduce likelihood of shiny head?

I’ve been trying to emphasis head growth, however, perhaps this is or isn’t a good thing as far as head shininess (maybe it would increase flow to head or maybe it would make head harder less likely to gain high internal pressure from being larger for example).

Anyway, any ideas on PE tweaks/approaches that might encourage shinier head?

I know my head gets really really shinny when it’s just filled with blood to the max so there’s no wrinkles.

I think that’s all it amounts to. So maybe jelqing or anything to help increase blood flow.

Yeah, I was wondering what PE would encourage blood flow to the head the most

Another possibility: If you are cut, chances are your glans has become keratinized over time and is more both more “wrinkled” and “granular” in appearance due to the toughening of the exposed skin on the glans. Compare that to an uncut guy’s glans which is mostly covered and has that shiny appearance you are after.

If you do a foreskin restoration and manage to get the glans covered again, over a period of time the shiny-ness you are after will begin to come back. I’m not sure if it all will come back to it’s original non-keratinized state. Only time will tell.

WestLa might want to chime in here with his views on shiny/unshiny glans.


you could put some vasoline on it for a while and soften it up. Damfino has a point, I’m cut. Of course, cialis and viagra also fills my glans more and makes it shiny and smooth

L-Arginine supplementation boosts circulation in general as well as exercise to maintain a healthy blood pressure. I find that both give you that rock hard shiny head state every time.

I thought shiny head was some new kind of way of getting head:)

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