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Getting low on baby oil


Someone here once told me: If you like the viscosity of baby oil but don’t like the pretty scent, try mineral oil. It’s apparently the same thing.

I am a lotion man myself and some times add some baby oil to it. I have dry skin and always have an abundance of oils and lotions. My wife got me a lotion heater for Christmas. It is by Conair. You fill it with lotion and turn it on and crank it up to high temp. Man! Hot lotion pumps out! It is awsome, I highly recommend it!

What kind of lotion do you use? I have dry skin lotion that I always thought may be good, but never tried it.

If you really need it, the best over the counter stuff for dry skin is Eucerin. It’s Dermatologist recommended. I would’nt use it on your dick tho since it is very thick and expensive. I just use the cheap stuff for jelqing such as vas. intensive care, suave, etc.

I would use olive oil, but I’m afraid I’d get it all over the upholstery. I only like PE’ing in my room because it’s warm, and I can listen to NPR or trance music while doing it.

If my roommate is home, and if I’m doing it with him around, he must think I eat a lot, because I’m going back and forth from the microwave oven to reheat my rice sock, and he can hear me using the microwave.


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