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Getting dry on my glans!

Getting dry on my glans!

I´ve gotten a problem lately. I think it´s due to all the wet jelqing with Vaseline that has created the dryness on my glans. The usual softness has disappeared and the skin is harder now. I´m kind of a newbie, so I wonder if this is a common problem, and that it is something I have to life with while I´m doing the jelqing.

By the way, do you think it´s a good idea to put on some lotion on the glans to moisturise it?

I asked my doctor about the very same thing . He said that a bit of vaseline would help . Also making sure I don’t use soap of any kind while washing that area . Make sure to dry yourself thoroughly after a shower .

Sorry I can’t be of more help .

I have the same problem, but mine is from hanging. I use Vitamin E cream, which seems to work OK after a couple of days.

A little moisturiser, one that isn’t too oily, should help.

I use moisturizing body lotion and apply it three times a day: Morning, Mid-Day (After PE session), Before Bed.

When I used to jelq/ with hand/body lotion, it gave me horrible rashes, and many times my skin would become very dry. I thought this was weird because it was supposed to be moisturizing, but most lotion contain alcohol, and maybe putting it on my dick all the time wasn’t good for it. Anyway, I switched to KY Jelly and the problem went away. I also use Vaseline to moisturize my penis, and think it works great.

You can also use baby oil and Vaseline. I use cocoa butter lotion 3 times a day.

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