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Getting a curve possibly from hanging

Getting a curve possibly from hanging

I have noticed that sometimes my flacid hang is curved to the left. I have not seen any real erect curing yet, but I would like to straighten it out. I’ve always been a little to the left but now it’s more of a curve then just to the left. How can I make it more even?

Sometimes hanging will encourage one set/side of your ligs to break down faster than the other - and this can result in a temporary “lean” in your flaccid hang. It usually evens out. In fact, a good argument can be made that working one side and then the other will expedite lig gains by way of “divide and conquer”.

Do say Seys: Is your “curve” a deviation in the shaft itself, or is it simply that your flaccid hang is listing to one side?

My flacid hang, curves to one side. Like it bends to once side for a little bit, then fixes. I really don’t want this to get any worse or start showing in my erect state.

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