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get my PE cherry back?

get my PE cherry back?

So Ive been at it for three and a half months now, little to no gain…So F-n frustrating. I was very consistent but never stuck tight to the newbie routine, never counted jelq strokes or stretch time…just did like Peter Dick does. Now Im wondering if its possible for my dick to become like a PE virgin again by just stopping everything for a month or two and give another go at the newb program? Or if I should step it up to something like hanging but I dont think I would have that kind of time.

Ive tried clamping the last week or two to see if that would kick start some gain but just noticed being slightly fatter flacid and nothing erect. What do you think?

Can new members still get hold of Bib Hangers?

They are awesome, even though I am on a very long PE sabbatical.

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

If you take off for a couple of months, you will be reborn as a newbie.

And now to kill 2 birds with one post:

Yes, both new and old members can buy Bib Hangers. Just go to

My big question is that since I didn’t gain at all yet, should I step up to something more intense, or do you think its even worth giving the newbie route another shot?

I don’t think you should go for more intensity. Aim for consistency. I sincerely believe that any newbie can gain an easy inch from consistent stretching only. Keep it simple, keep motivated and SLOWLY raise the intensity and complexity of your routine.

I was very consistant overall but didn’t stick to an exact routine, just kind of mixed it up from day to day with a rest day thown in every two or three days. Do you think it would make a difference to stick to a mapped out routine? I dont realy want to decondition for a couple months but will if I was just doing it flat out wrong.

I sure think it would make a difference. It’s like any other form of training: you have to try something specific and stick to it for a while to see if you get any results. When I started (way before I even heard that PE was possible), I just tried to do three 5 min stretch a day 6-7 days a week + kegels. I did the exact same thing day after day. That way, I knew that my gains were directly linked to this workout. I gained over an inch in about 2 months! Did the same thing with jelqing when I found T’s place and saw how jelqs worked for me.

You’ll never know what works for you if you just keep changing your workout. Why don’t you just take a short decon (how long? read to find what seems good for you) without even thinking about PE an then start from the beginning with the newbie routine and take it slowly.

Try to be “scientific”!

When you didn’t know PE was possible? What kind of stretches did you do at first, just basic pulling?

This is only my opinion for what it is worth.
Why not just go back to the newbie routine and do it exactly as
It is written for one month. This way you stay focused on the habit of PEing.
At the end of that month take some measurements but don’t stress to bad
Over the results. Then in month 2 start adding more stretches and jelqs and the same for month 3. Each month take a measurement. At the end of the three month
Period my guess is most likely you will have gains. You will also be in a position to move into other exercises “if” that is necessary.

To me taking off a month or two would be a waste of time that could be used gaining.
One possible way of mixing it up while at the same time sticking to the routine is maybe stretch in certain directions more on some days.

Personally I gained well by using the newbie routine
I did it exact for the first month
Then just started adding more week by week

Started BPEL 5 1/2 Now 6 1/4
EG gained 3/16 of an inch
I only take off about 1 day a week and sometimes I don’t
My workouts are intense

Good luck with whatever you decide to do

Routine = Jelq and stretch

Originally Posted by beyond 6
When you didn’t know PE was possible? What kind of stretches did you do at first, just basic pulling?

Three angles:
(Seated position)
1-Slightly under parallel to the floor (slightly downward), to get the stress on the upper ligs.
2-Slightly over parallel to the floor, to pull on all ligs equally
3-45 degrees up, to stretch the ligs under.

I also did 75 slow full contraction kegel-stretches. I personally focused on contracting the «root» of my penis only. I also did 150 kegels slow full contraction every morning. Don’t think the kegels and kegel-stretches helped me gain so much size but they sure made me gain stamina and control.

This routine worked great for me. It only required about 20-22 min/day, considering I did my morning kegels while riding the bus.

longboarder, you don’t think I may be too conditioned now for the newbie routine to be as effective after three and a half months?

powpow, So you hadn’t heard of PE and just started going for it? Did you just have a feeling that pulling it might do something for you?

I still regard the newbie routine as a means of conditioning the dick. For me the first few months were really about getting my dick used to being man-handled. (There’s a joke there somewhere) Like you I am not strict in my routine although I am very pleased with my moderate gains.

I tend to tick over or ‘tread water’ for a week or two then put in some much heavier sessions for the next couple of weeks if I am at home more.

With regard to stretches I think you need to ‘feel’ them (Then it feels good) You can’t really do this until you have put in a bit of initial training.

Originally Posted by beyond 6

powpow, So you hadn’t heard of PE and just started going for it? Did you just have a feeling that pulling it might do something for you?

At the time I was weightlifting a lot and found out a whole new perspective on the possibilities to transform my body. I just tried to apply the principle of physical adaptation to my penis.

[QUOTE=beyond 6]
Longboarder, you don’t think I may be too conditioned now for the newbie routine to be as effective after three and a half months?

Possibly but I think it would be better than taking the break.
You could always do the newbie routine and add something else.
For me after the first month I started doing the routine a second time at night
When I could. If “you” feel you want to keep going and not take the break maybe you could add some light hanging or something.
I just started hanging a couple of days ago with something based on the captains wench. I’m only hanging 3 pounds right now but the thing is it gives a nice stretch without me having to do any of the work manually. That way I can work on other things and read this forum while I’m being stretched by the weight instead of my hands.
Good luck

Routine = Jelq and stretch

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