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Geometrical Erectyle Deficit

Geometrical Erectyle Deficit

It was beaten to death if being too big can cause erection issues. Anecdotal reports of enormous penises always flaccid, as well as examples of biggest pornstars always unseen erect and so on…
Actually, what is generally meant with being too big is being too long - men tend to give more importance to length than girth, adversely from women.

I posted the reason why this would happen, using the analogy of a inner bicycle tire: if the tire is 6” and filled with low pressure, and you squeeze with your hand 2” of it, the remaining part of the tube will become hard for the augmented pressure; it you have a 9” long tire, and squeeze 2”, it wil remain pretty floppy, because the pressure in the part not squeezed is not raising as much as in the 6” long tube. But if the same 9” long tire, pumped at same pressure, has a larger girth at one end, and you squeeze that end, the remaining part will become hard for raised pressure, even if the clamped side is 2” long as well. Maybe this is the reason why the penis is thicker at the base for most of guys, because it will make erection easier to achieve.

On the same topic, days ago a fellow posted this link in the Italian forum

what the author, an urologist, is saying is that if the ratio EL/EG is bigger than 1.32 erectytle disfunction will be likely; he calls this ‘geometric erectyle deficit’, and explains why basing on engineeristic principles. I think the ratio is mistaken, probably he is referring to NBPEL; I also guess that the relation is not linear: I would think a 12” long penis (supposing it exists somewhere) will have erection issues no matter how big the girth. Anyway just thought the article is interesting, since the author claims that he has done some empirical trial to test the validity of that hypothesis.

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I imagine drug use/abuse may contribute to some or most examples we see in porn , as I would guess most are not the most healthy of individuals.

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Probably yes, but I don’t see why smaller guys in porn should have more healthy habits, though.


I express my doubts. My stats said I was before PE at El/EG 1.46, and until now it is still 1.46. All measures are NBPEL and mid-shaft girth.

I have this dick for quite a time in duty and (touch wood) never had ED troubles. Maybe I am an anatomical exception, but still - I doubt that theory.

And by the way - yeah, girth becomes more and more an objective. But as long as my noibs routine is working I don’t go for girth specific exercises. Consider myself still too much a noob for this.

And again: auguri, auguri!

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Thanks Richard :) .

May I ask what’s your base girth?

Originally Posted by marinera
Probably yes, but I don’t see why smaller guys in porn should have more healthy habits, though.

I don’t watch a lot of porn, but I also haven’t seen a lot of rock hard erections in what I have seen either, aside from ones that are being forced by a hand clamping the base much like your example with the bike tire.

I suppose one could argue that the larger guys are the “rock stars” of the industry and have more access to that kind of lifestyle, but then again, one could argue for no apparent reason too. ;)

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it's open to making a donation!

Your starting BPEL was 8.35, BEG 5.91. It gives 1.41 as ratio. I don’t see the NBPEL, anyway even assuming that you have just 1/4” of fat pad you had a ratio of 1.37 so too near to the ‘thin line’ to tell if this theory holds water. It would be interesting a poll on this topic, I don’t think I have enought time for that though.


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