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Gentlemen… on jumpstarting growth.

Gentlemen… on jumpstarting growth.

Hello PE brothers and sisters!

I have been stuck at 6.825” for a couple months…

In fact, I thought that might be all I could muster based on my manual ‘stealth’ methods of after shower stretching and jelqing… I have proudly gained slightly over an inch in slightly over a year.

I really want 7 or 7.25”. That is my personal goal. Being ‘stuck’ at 6.825” still fills me with confidence and fucking wifey has never been better (although there are still problems).

About a month ago I decided my usual routine was not working anymore and made a minor adjustment… I simply added more intense jelqing and viola! Today I nudged past 6.825” maybe a 1/32” or even possibly 1/16”… miniscule I realize, but peaking past the little lines on my ruler always offers encouragement!

I am closer than ever to 7” bpel and KNOW I will get there! Even tho many of you already know this thru personal experience, I offer it to anyone who cares about their efforts and our PE brotherhood (and sisterhood – to all you lovely ladies out there, with pretty faces, accepting attitudes, compassion and love).

Change your routine, even if only slightly, to start new growth!

Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...

I see where you are going with this. But I think to say that changing your routine will give gains is very broad and not very accurate.

You mentioned that you added more intense jelqing to your routine to get these gains. I would say that the increase in ‘intensity’ is what caused the gains, not simply the change itself. Here comes the part where I talk about deconditioning: The theory here is that your dick was ‘conditioned’ to the amount of stress you were putting on it before, hence the gains ground to a halt. By upping the ‘intensity’ of your jelqs, hence putting more stress on your penis, you caused it to grow again. So, over time you need to continuously increase the stress in order to continue growing. Obviously at some point any more stress will be unreasonable and unsafe, so taking a break to allow your penis to become once again deconditioned is the only solution. I don’t think anyone knows what the time for deconditioning should be, but it seems to be apparent that extended time off is necessary.

What I’m saying isn’t really anything new, I just thought it might help to lay it all out in this thread.


I look at it this way….a gain is a gain.

I “mix things up” often and rarely stick with a routine for long, especially if it is not working.

Sometimes I wonder what it is that “jump starts” new growth. Is it simply varying the routine or is it increased intensity as pointed out by Insane Man.

Obviously hard to tell (if not impossible), but as I said…a gain is a gain!

Congrats and good luck!

i never really do a routine. I do that day whatever feels the best or what I am in the mood for. This makes each workout more intense for me. Plus, if my dick is tired of girth, I do something else without feeling bad about it.

The only thing I do consistently is wear my ADS.

Do you guys think the deconditioning theory applies to girth also?

Reason I ask is in the past I believe some have said it only applied to ligaments.

It’s sort of wishful thinking on my part because I really struggle for my girth gains. I have been PE’ing for years now, mostly for girth the last 2 years. I have taken at least 2 major breaks during that time (months). When I start back up seems like I gain although of course I don’t know at the time if it cemented. After a few months, even if I continually up the intensity and even doing extreme, risky exercises, I don’t really get any gains. So I’m beginning to think that for me at least, there is no reason to PE for more than (and this is a guess) 3 months at a time.

I suppose I’ll know if this theory is correct soon enough because I’m on my third major break now.

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