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general girth

general girth

I believe that generally with most things in nature, they grow upward then blossom afterward.. so as the body is vaugely estimated to stop growing for a man around 23-25.. all of us younger than this are yet to fully “blossom”.. the reason this got me thinking is because although I do have vaugely skinny genetics.. my fathers fingers are much wider than mine are (im 18).. I also thought about how RedZulu (whom I highly respect) started seeing amazing girth gains from when he was around 19.. it also got me thinking about genetics in general.. perhaps these genetics are from things such like big forearms from generations of carrying heavy stuff around?! all opinions welcomed..


I’m not sure what you are getting at bizzabolla. Once people stop growing they put on girth?

Whether you have any more natural girth to gain or not, as a young guy your tissues are supple, this should help you grow though possibly offer greater elasticity to overcome. It should also mean you can heal faster and can probably get away with more PE than someone who is older.

In girth terms I don’t see that age should make much of a difference other than the differences mentioned above.

If anyone with a better grasp of anatomy cares to add to this I’m sure it would be appreciated.

>RedZulu (whom I highly respect)
Redzulu is a guy who doesn’t get the level of respect he deserves, in my opinion.

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Well, I don’t have any better a grasp on human anatomy than anyone else, but I tend to think it’s easier to stimulate growth at younger ages (15-22). During this time most males are still growing and have all the chemicals pumping through their body necesary for growth.

For some reason, based on absoulutely know factual information at all, I think that PE would be most effective on a Penis that is still growing… however, I also feel that at this age PE should be done with great moderation and sufficient heal time. Injury, or over work, while your’re still growing could be a serious problem. To sum it up, I think younger guys can see more gains with less work, and that’s exactly how they should do it at a young age. I don’t think more work = more gains. For the youngsters, less is more!

On the flip side, I feel older males have to do more PE to see similar gains. Here, I think more work = more gains (of course there is still such thing as too much work)

… just a theory. Of course there are many exceptions. Any of you old, quick gainers, have any input?

Older guys here have made very substantial gains. I haven’t seen any evidence that youth is a special advantage in the PE department.



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