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Gains, Vitamin C, amount of work

Just thought i'd toss this in...

There’s always an exception to prove the rule eh?

I was making great fast gains before my injury and i consume an insane amount of vit c every day. Probably close to a gram and a half.

I’m not going to stop taking it as i take it for its anti oxidant properties (along with vit a, vit e) for my body building.

I take a lot of other supps as well (cod liver oil, glucosamine, l-arginine, multivitamins as well as myoplex and protein and methoxy factor and weight gainer).

Man, when write it all out it kinda looks like i might be getting obsessed.

See Ya,



I made my gains with my long-term addiction to multigram doses of Vitamin C.
It also facilitates nitric oxide release and general vascular function, making for a happy penis.


Started PE on May 2001
Spend about 2 hours a week PE’ing : mainly jelqing and squeezes and of course kegels.
gains are : doubled or more flaccid length, almost 1.5” in erect length, and 0.75” in girth.
I drink 1 glass of orange juce or grapefruit juice every morning, and get additional Vit C during the day from kiwi fruit and also peppers that contain lots of it. I take a multivit that has 200 - 600 mg of Vit C ( I alternate my multivit source), usually taken at lunchtime.
PE workouts are secretly done very late at night :)

Good luck with your theory, sounds interesting!

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Please give your:


—-amount of time you have been PEing (when started)?
*: Started Oct./2001. Almost 21 months now.

—-hours per week of PE?
phase 1: (on average 11 hours per week)
phase 2: (8 hours of hanging)
phase 3-Currently: (5-6hours)

—-type of PE?
*:p hase 1- manual stretches & jelqing(1-9months). phase 2 - hanging(3-4 months). (1 month break). phase 3- light v-stretches, jelqing, & squeezing.(almost 6months now)

—-mgs of supplemental daily Vit. C?
*:600mg on average

—-whether you eat or drink a lot of Vit C?
*:Not really. I get the 600mg from the supplements I take.

—-when Vit C is taken in relation to your PE workouts?
*:I get my Vit C earlier in the day, and usually I do my PE workouts at night.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."


that is a very interesting theory..and it makes a whole lot of sense, I would like to see it tested though to see if there is really a connection. But it does make a whole lot of sense good work Bib!

if you live in a glass house, dont sink ships.


This would be a really tough thing to test. There are so many factors involved. I hope we will get at least some anecdotal evidence one way or another as to whether there is any link whatsoever.

The amount of Vit C taken may not be as important as the time it is taken in relation to the PE work.

Any worthwhile evidence will require data from guys who have altered their intake for an extended period and compared gains.

I do hope this kind of stays out there in the forefront.


Re: Bib

Originally posted by Priapos
“Scurvy victims” that was a good one :) . Do we have any scurvy pe-ers on the board, please step forward.

Here are my answers

2” in 2 months (ebpl) and 3/4” in girth

amount of time you have been PEing (when started)?
April 2nd, 2002

hours per week of PE?
6 (13 if I count kegles which I do in the car)

type of PE?
Stretch, jelq, kegles, squeezes (Horse440)

mgs of supplemental daily Vit. C?
300 mg (started yesterday June 12th)

whether you eat or drink a lot of Vit C?
No (well, some limes at times and some orange juice)

when Vit C is taken in relation to your PE workouts?
In the morning and in the evening (not related to my PE workout

2 inches in 2 months, wow, can you give a little detail of your routine?

gains and time

Originally posted by Priapos
2” in 2 months (ebpl) and 3/4” in girth

amount of time you have been PEing (when started)?
April 2nd, 2002

hours per week of PE?
6 (13 if I count kegels which I do in the car)

type of PE?
Stretch, jelq, kegels, squeezes (Horse440)

Originally posted by Avocet8
Time at PE: 1.5 yrs

Gains: 2 1/3” EBPL
0.63 ” EG

and some substantial flaccid gain

PE exercises: 5 - 6 hrs/wk

PE workout: stretches, kegels, uli's, Horses, with three short vacuum pump sessions between.

Ok, so these two guys have more or less the same gains (2”), same number of hours a week (6) and same routine it seems (stretches, kegels, horse squeezes). The difference is that one took 2 months and one took 1.5 years for those gains. Makes you think, doesn’t it?


Concerning priapos and advocet8 routine, Priapos included jelks in his routine and he did them twice daily. Advocet didnt jelk. Jelking promotes both length and girth. Two 30 mins workouts 6 days a week for priapos. Would this have something to do with his quick gains?????????

I am a slow gainer probably 3/8 inches or less in the last year and coincidentally or not, I just happen to be heavily into supplements and herbs. My vitamin C intake has probably averaged 3 to 5 grams per day for the last 3 years or so. I think there have been periods of weeks at a time when I have taken between 5 and 10 grams of powdered ascorbic acid from Trader Joes store. Sometimes a level teaspoon Morning noon and night. Thats 12 grams a day folks. Quite possibly the highest vitamin C dose that any of us doing PE is taking.

Needless to say Bib your theory about gains and available vitamin C in the bloodstream is certainly proven in my case. I’m going to cut my dose way down for a while to see if that makes a difference.

I’m a big proponent of Vitamin C when it comes to general health. However, luvdadus pointed this thread out to me just today.

I was curious as to if you’d made any headway with your theory since the last post of this thread?

I don’t wanna run around telling everyone, “Take Vitamin C!” when that may not be helpful for PE. (I know it was for Bodybuilding but then again the concentration in Bodybuilding is on building/repairing muscles and not on Ligs/Fascia/etc.)


Darklin Sithas

Namaste. I had to look it up.

Bigger - yes, please let us know if you came to any conclusions.

Darklin Sithas, westla,

>I was curious as to if you’d made any headway with your theory since the last post of this thread?<

No, I do not think I could do anything with this outside of a clinical setting. About the only evidence either way would be anecdotal.

I am truly convinced of the PE benefits of limiting Vit C. It really is just common sense. If the collagenous tissues do not have a high blood serum level to draw from, they will not repair as rapidly and become stronger. Therefore, continued stress will be more efficient in stretching the tissues. Then, when given enough C, the tissues will repair in the extended state.

However, I have no idea about the Vit C schedule that should be used. It is a water soluble vitamin, so it is not stored. Maybe a dose of citrus or a couple tablets once or twice per week would be good.

When I was PEing, I would just drink a couple of cups of OJ, twice per week or so. lil did about the same. My teeth did not fall out. Not sure about lil.


I never took any Vitamin C supplements since I first started in August 2001. I drank 1-2 glasses of oj a day. These past couple days I’ve been taking 2 grams of vitamin c a day to help in my recovery from an injury.


1-2 glasses of oj per day contains a lot of Vit C.



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